The Political Defense by George Soros and Donors to Oppose the Trump Presidency

George Soros is one of the top investors and a reputed finance titan for the Liberal United States Party. On the 14th of November, 2016 after the major presidential election for the United States were announced, Kenneth P. Vogel reported via Politico that Soros ad well as other Liberal funders conducted a three-day meeting in Washington after their funded candidate had lost the election. The meeting was conducted at Mandarin Oriental Hotel of the Washington state to utilize the remaining funds to defend the country against Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

This conference was sponsored by the significant Democracy Alliance donor club. This donor club was launched in the 2004 U.S. elections by George Soros. At this election, the funds were employed to promote Senator John Kerry to win and become the President of America but George W. Bush ended up winning. Soros decided to participate in this 2016 event to express a similar opinion to the donors regarding the election. He also felt the necessity to defend the American citizens on from the Trump Presidency with the assistance of the donors.

Political Contributions for the U.S. Election Year by George Soros

Politico had stated in its article that George Soros had invested approximately $25,000,000 to promote Hillary Clinton, other Democratic candidates and election-related events or causes in the year of 2016. He believes that his contributions were allocated with good indication. He specifically stated that Trump and his rival of GOP, Ted Cruz were replicating the wrongful and evil deeds of the ISIS.

George Soros’ Response to the Election Results
George Soros appeared extremely discontented with the 2016 United States Presidential Election results on Politico. Soros made an appearance at this meeting with a serious and focused outlook that clearly portrayed his true feelings against the 2016 poll results. When conversations were carried out with George Soros, he appeared to feel extremely triggered by the election event as it invoked negative emotions regarding his past to emerge out. His devastating personal experience of the Soviet Communism and Holocaust at an early age played back in his memory as he expressed his concern with where the American nation might be heading with Trump in power.

George Soros was born in Hungary and raised within the gloomy and fearful ambiance of Communism and Nazism. With the fear of the United States turning into a similar horrifying nation according to Soros under the Trump presidency on, he wanted to devote his time, energy and resources to defend those open societies that might soon be threatened by the United States itself in a similar manner. LaMarche told Politico of Soros’ strong belief in this concern and how he strongly believes Trump will turn his fears into reality pretty soon. LaMarche is a loyal employee who had worked under Soros’s Open Society foundations for years. Finally, LaMarche also pointed out how Soros and his ancestors were well aware of the treatment they had received from people with xenophobia and how the history had repeated itself again after the Brexit, so Soros’ worries are quite valid. See:

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