The Most Amazing Brazilian Authors

Brazil has an incredibly diverse literary history, in particular since its independence from Portugal in 1822. Brazil is a melting pot of different people, cultures and traditions. The makeup of their society encompasses a multicultural population, built up of European settlers, African Slaves and of course Native American people. This has been reflected in the vast array of stories and literature that come out of the country. Not only the people that are telling these stories but also their content.

One such author that stands out is Jamie Garcia Dias; Dias is considered a pioneer in Brazilian literature that is shown through his vast repertoire of writing. Dias has written more than 20 books in fiction and has won countless awards. He was most recently awarded the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize. Dias’ love for literature began at an early stage, born to educated parents, his father was a writer and mother was an architect. Dias entered education where he taught for five years before becoming president of the school. Now only 45 he has potentially many years of productivity left, with the hope of more books and awards to come.

On YouTube it is impossible to discuss Brazilian literature without the name Machado de Assis being mentioned, he is often considered a founding figure in Brazilian Literature. Machado is best known for his work Epitaph of a Small Winner, this novel is describes as a whimsical piece of writing told from the point of view of a dead narrator. He is known for being a very playful writer and his work is believed to have contributed to creating a more open society.

The best selling novelist of all time in Brazil is Paulo Coelho, before turning his attention to writing novels he started his career as a musician and songwriter. He made the transition after traveling the world, some of his most successful works include The Alchemist and By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. Paulo is perhaps one of the most recognizable authors in all of Brazil.

Brazil has a fantastic history of writers and writing dating back to their occupation by Portugal. This rich vein of literature will continue into the future with the current abundance of older authors and new writers breaking into the scene.

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