John Goullet focuses on Great Employees

John Goullet is a powerhouse in the technology field. In February of 1994, Goullet created Info Technologies after careful thought. His goal for the company was to help both the companies needing employees and the employees needing a job, ensuring that they are a perfect match for each other. Part of making sure that everyone gets what they have in mind allowed Goullet to decide to merge his company with DIVERSANT, a company whose motto is “empowered by difference”, the largest African-Amercian Information Techonolgy (IT) staffing solution in the United States. After doing so, he felt so strongly about the potential of DIVERSANT that he became the Principal of the company he merged with.

Before focusing in staffing, Goullet learned about IT first hand, starting out his career at Computer Science Corporation while still in college. After his time there, he moved to a few different businesses including Constell Group, TSR Consultants, and four years at Cap Gemini America. All of this time, he focused on learning the ins and outs of the IT sector so when he finally went into staffing he could pick great employees and help the ones willing to learn.

One of the things that Goullet learned while operating his business is the need for good employees and making sure they feel wanted. Hiring many trainees is important especially in an industry such as staffing; likewise, it is important to make your one, two, and three year associates with different aspects of the business such as training, mentoring, and giving them the opportunity to train the incoming employees. Their enthusiasm for the job will shine through and keep new employees excited about their new job and that is something we can all get excited about.


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