Clay Siegall & Importance In The Fight Against Cancer

The Fight Against Cancer is still going on and it has been around for many years. The good news about this is that it is experiencing a change in the form of more advanced medications. These medications are known as Antibody Based Therapies and they yield a much higher survival rate than cancer treatments of the past. The Bothell, Washington Organization known as Seattle Genetics produces these miracle drugs, which has made it into a powerhouse in cancer research. Dr. Clay Siegall is the head man in charge he’s been around for numerous decades in this exclusive field of work. Dr. Siegall has worked with many prominent organizations within the community such as The National Institute of Health, Bristol Myers Squibb, and The National Cancer Institute.


The organizations flagship drug ADCETRIS is far superior than cancer drugs of the past such as Chemotherapy thanks to it’s unique properties and actions. These drugs are designed to deliver cell killing agents into cancerous cells within the body without harming any other good cells. That’s right! This action drastically cuts down on nasty side effects that can be more sickening than the cancer itself. Dr. Clay Siegall is in firm control of it all because he the knowledge , expertise, and capabilities that few people posses. The very success of this organization comes from this guy.


Dr. Siegall does things by the books, has strong ethics, and he believes in drug development. This way of thinking has pushed the company ahead of others and it’s looking to add an additional 200 employees to it’s already 900 employee base. With so many advanced drugs in the pipeline, future growth is inevitable and Dr. Siegall is is the very reason for this.


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