Top 3 Beauty YouTubers Of 2015

In 2015, many beauty and fashion enthusiasts took to YouTube to share their tips, hacks, and beauty routines. These days, it is unlikely that anyone who uses YouTube won’t run across a few makeup tutorials or two. While there is an unfathomable amount of content floating around on the internet, some YouTubers catch more attention than others. Whether it be for their amazing skills or attractive personalities, here are the top 3 beauty YouTubers of 2015.

Patricia Bright

This stunningly beautiful 20 something lives in one of the most fashionable cities in the world, London, UK. She invites people into her “bright” world of hairstyles, makeup techniques, and trendy outfits.

Patricia possesses and amazing eye for detail, putting together beautiful and do-able looks then teaching her viewers how to achieve them. Visit her channel for heat free hairstyles for extensions and weave, glamorous makeup routines, and much more.


This talented Australian beauty blogger entertains and informs her ever-growing audience with in-depth makeup tutorials, hauls, and even personal life stories. Wendy Huang (Wengie) addresses important beauty and style topics including makeup techniques for hooded eyelids and Asian skincare routines. After traveling to Japan, Wengie discusses Japanese beauty trends compared to their western counterparts.

The famous YouTuber possesses a tech-based background due to her work at a digital marketing agency where she served clients by helping them build an online presence. Her work later inspired her to create her own website and build her own following. Today, Wengie’s YouTube channel has over 768,000 subscribers and shows no signs of stopping.

Patrick Quirky

New to the status of famous YouTuber is Patrick Quirky. The male beauty and fashion vlogger has racked up well over 300,000 YouTube subscribers due his revolutionary outlook on men’s fashion and beauty trends. Most noteworthy are his makeup tutorials targeted towards men, accentuating their masculine features.

Let’s face it, women are not the only people who enjoy masking uneven skin tone and unsightly blemishes. Some men are now adopting beauty regiments and using products from MAC, Sephora, and other makeup producers. Using foundation, powder, and bronzer, Patrick quickly achieves a natural “chiseled” look that men can sport on a daily basis.