Madison Street Capital and The World of YouTube

Madison Street Capital is expanded how it gets information out to those interested in taking advantage of its service. The company’s YouTube channel is home to quite a few intriguing videos. A short video detailing “Mergers & Acquisitions” provides an inside look at the work the company does.

Anyone wishing to check the video out can see it here:

For those interested in a rundown, the video covers a few important points.

Madison Street Capital can serve in an advisory capacity to organizations looking to buy or sell. Companies can effectively grow or disinvest with the right steps. Since these types of deals are complicated it is necessary to work with a service that understands how to go about the process in the right manner.

The management team at Madison Street Capital most assuredly are able to handle such high-end deals. The company is an international investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. The company has worked hard for clients and has delivered services to both private and publicly held businesses.

In the video, the company notes that its goal is to make any merger and acquisition as financially beneficial for clients as possible. Experience in the field is what helps the company’s team follow logical paths towards attempts to achieve this goal.

The video also goes into detail regarding the company’s philosophy as what how “greatest success is realized”. Upon viewing the video, those curious about how Madison Street Capital operates will gain an revealing insider’s perspective. The video truly shows how the company defines itself.

Beggin’ For More From Purina

Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle based in Missouri. They produce and market pet care products such as Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful and Purina ONE. Purina Petcare was formed in 2001 when Nestle combined the Ralston Purina company which they acquired with their own Friskies Petcare Company. It became the second largest pet food company in America as of 2012. In 2007, Purina recalled some of their products after it was discovered that there was a contamination in the pet food industry caused by ingredients that came from China.

In 2003, they formed a partnership with the Canine Health Foundation to help advance veterinary research. The following year, they donated 80 tons of pet food to pets that were affected by Hurricane Charley and donated $100,000 to local shelters. Purina Petcare grew to one-third of Nestle’s revenues in four years since its founding. In 2014, Purina launched three videos on Youtube to promote their Beggin’ dog snacks. One video called “I Get Beggin’ ” featured a Corgi named Boss. The video was received really well by the Youtube audience and warranted a large investment. The company stands for the idea of trust and maintains it with their consumers everyday. With expertise on nutrition, high-quality brands and dedication it’s no wonder pet owners trust them.

As of recently, Purina has partnered the College of Veterinary Medicine in Mississippi to conduct a special survey. The company is celebrating Take Your pet to Work Day by encouraging people to start a pets at work policy. They believe that pets and their owners are better when together and encourage their employees to bring their pets to work everyday. A study has shown that people who bring their pets to work tend to have less stress. Purina partnered with the Mississippi State University to get a better understanding of pets’ influence in the work place. Almost 85 percent of employees who take the survey found pets at work policies to be very beneficial.

For more information, you can always follow Purina news on the Nestle’s Purina NewsCenter.