Learn about wines from the experts at The antique Wine Company

For over 30 years The Antique Wine Company has been providing expert help and wines to a list of clients that takes in top business people, celebrities and politicians. However, the company is hoping to make almost everybody aware of the fact that wine is available at all price ranges and a collection can be started by almost anybody who has the basic knowledge of how to taste wine and what to look for in a bottle. The introduction of a wine academy at the Marylebone, London headquarters of the company sees the experts working for The Antique Wine Company bringing their knowledge to beginners and experienced collectors alike.

The Antique Wine Company has been in the business of fine wines since 1982 when Stephen Williams established the wine merchant and created one of the top companies in the industry. The traditional markets of Europe and North America have been the consistent areas of success for the company as they have been involved in some record breaking sales and purchases of fine wines. As The Antique Wine Company looks to expand on its customer base they have been seeking new avenues to move into, which has recently included the creation of a new international sales team focused on Asian markets. This growth into new markets has seen new collectors entering the wine markets and prompted the decision to create an academy to help new and experienced collectors with basic and advanced skills to assists in creating a wine collection.

Experts who work at and with The Antique Wine Company will all be appearing at the academy where they will provide guidance for small groups of wine lovers on wine tasting and specific styles of wines. This is all part of a drive by The Antique Wine Company to develop a new generation of wine collectors and wine lovers who will develop their skills with the company as they also build their own wine collections and love for the grape.