Talk Fusion trial Hitting Overseas Markets

Last month, video marketing company Talk Fusion launched 30-day free trials of nine languages to over 140 different countries around the globe.

The company’s Video Marketing Solution is an all-in-one marketing product that can be witnessed, tested, and enjoyed by potential business customers for nearly one whole month. Whether it is e-mail marketing or conducting visual meetings online, Talk Fusion provides a platform that can allow businesses to conduct meetings and plans all in one stop.

Whether it is for business or for a social atmosphere, Talk Fusion has over a thousand templates to use for a whatever situation many potential clients are looking for. There are also options to customize and personalize such meetings or e-mail messages. Video newsletters are also available to provide a unique platform to present personal announcements. When holding meetings, you have hold seminars, present slides, or even provide sales pitches. A video chat can be conducted by anyone around the world and on any mobile device in a face-to-face digital setting.

So the opportunity to utilize various such options are now available to every business on a limited basis after over a year of planning by the company. Anyone can sign up at the company’s web site located at

The Talk Fusion video chat was named as the video product of the year as mentioned in a online article.

The company was first created by Bob Reina in 2007 in finding video marketing solutions for global businesses. The products are marketed at personal level and is now available to hundreds of different nations though Reina believes in the best ethical standards in the current business world.

With video marketing becoming an increasingly reliable source to conduct business in today’s global world, Talk Fusion provides so many potential possibilities. Video conferencing, video blog, and sharing video e-mails are all options the company provides.

Now potential customers have a 30-day period in order to try their products and personally see how they can help their own business grow and develop.