The Wessex Conferences Are Changing The World

The Wessex Institute of Technology holds about 25 conferences per year. They gather with experts in technology and science to discuss the means to improve many issues found in our planet. Many of their issues are related to the environment, poverty, technology and security. Wessex Institute of Technology conferences for 2016 have concluded, with their latest one in Malaysia.

The soonest conference will be the Coastal Cities 2017 conference in Cadiz, Spain. This will be one of many conferences that will be held in Spain. The conference will discuss the economic and population boom found in coastal regions of the world. There will be a new demand for infrastructure changes and city planning. The last conference of this sort was held in the United Kingdom in 2015.

They plan on wrapping up the year with the Energy and Sustainability 2017 conference in Seville, Spain. This conference will be discussing the increased worldwide interest in renewable energy sources.