Life History Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr Jennifer was born as Jennifer Lee Walden on the 17th of the eleventh month of the year 1971 in the city of Austin, Texas state in the United States of America. She is an American plastic, surgeon. Jennifer is blessed with twin sons who she bore in November of the year 2010. Jennifer was born in a family of medics practitioners because her father and mother were qualified professionals in dental and nursing respectively. Jennifer attended her high school studies at Anderson High. She went for her further studies at the University of Texas where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, field of pure sciences. Jennifer further went on to venture into the area of medicine. She registered as a student of medicine at the University of Texas, the school of Medicine. Jennifer went for her career internship at Manhattan Hospital. She later graduated as an aesthetic surgeon.

On completion of her studies, Jennifer worked at Manhattan hospital before she was posted to work in the New York City in the year 2003. Jennifer worked at Upper East Side hospital in New York for good seven years. While at the hospital Jennifer together with other practitioners worked on breast silicone implantation that was very successful leading the way for its re-introduction in the country.

After the birth of her children, Jennifer returned to her native homeland and established her private surgery medical centre in Westlake Hills, Texas. She is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery. Also, she established a satellite link office within the state to serve as an ambulatory surgery centre. She has recruited a team of qualified medics and also the centres offers an internship to the students in the medicine field.

Jennifer is the director of Walden Cosmetic and ambulatory centre. She is also the highest figure among other practitioners in her hospitals. Jennifer also lead other medics in theatres within her centres during operations hence serving as an excellent example and as a mentor to them.

Jennifer is also a commentator and an author. She is mostly featured as a plastic surgery commentator in many media houses in the United States of America. Jennifer is mostly invited in media houses to give lectures, outline the importance of private surgery, engage with the public in questions and address many other issues concerning cosmetic surgery. Jennifer also writes articles that are published in the newspapers and magazine. In the year 2014, Jennifer was listed as one of the best cosmetic surgeons.

Jennifer has also contributed to the writing of aesthetic surgery book and she is currently one of the directors of the plastic surgery editorial board and America board of cosmetic surgery.