The Lifetime Achievements Of George Soros.

George Soros is considered by many as one of the greatest investors of his generation. A genius mind with a deep economic, social and political understanding of the world. Below are some of his most significant encounters and achievements in life.
Early Life.
George was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Like other Hungarians of his time, he endured tough economic and social times due to the impacts of the first and second world wars. In the late 1940’s, he relocated to England where he settled in London.
While in London, he enrolled at the London school of Economics for his higher learning. Wanting to make a good future for himself, he sharpened his knowledge of world economies and politics.
At the time, the London School of Economics was one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Europe. It served as an incubating nest for many critical thinkers of that generation.
The greatest achievers always start small. Soros built his career up from an junior position in an investment bank in London. When he was starting out, the post-war rehabilitation of states was in top gear and investment firms were taking charge of the process.
Identifying the unlimited potential of the industry, he set put to New York where all the world’s largest investment banks operated. His talents and expertise in analyzing and predicting economic trends earned him promotions to management level as three different firms over two decades.
In 1973, he founded Soros hedge fund. His new firm benefited from his stewardship and investors flocked into his chambers. Due to his ability to speculate in the financial markets and leverage profits in bonds and currencies, his company became one of the most profitable ventures in the industry.
He retired from active duty in his firm fifteen years ago. Now known as Quantum fund, it continues to thrive and make him millions.
Philanthropy and Philosophy.
Being a scholar, George always had an open mind. His critical thinking skills were developed early in life. His perspective of the world remains unique. Mr. Soros’ shares his philosophical sentiments with the world through writing columns, books and public lectures.
He acknowledges the role of education in the ideological revolution. He has always courted controversy while discussing his ideas. The most modern philosophical thought he put across is that of an Open society.
A collection of critical thinkers make up an open minded society. These scholars exchange innovative ideas and appreciate diversity. They acknowledge that the world possesses infinite wisdom and therefore people must learn from one another.
An open society encourages individuals to be responsible for human life.
Political Activism.
George Soros’ love for open societies informed his belief in democracy as a form of governance that allows for a free society to thrive. He established an Open Societies Foundation that operates in all regions of the world.
Through these organizations, George promotes education, good governance and human rights. He has relentlessly offered solutions for global problems including the recent Syrian crisis as well as the lack of leadership in the European union.