Darius Fisher: Restoring One Reputation At a Time

Where do politicians, executives, and other public figures go when they want to repair their reputation? Look no further than the crises management guru, Darius Fisher. His company, Status Labs, is responsible for restoring the reputation of many public figures across the globe. Based in Austin, Texas, Status Labs has spread abroad to Sao Paulo and also here in New York. While the company started from humble beginnings, it has grown tremendously. With over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, Status Labs has become one of the top options for fixing a digital crisis. While more companies and public figures are realizing how important it is to manage negative media attention, Darius is vowing to help anyone avoid this kind of mishap.

While some people compare the role that Darius plays with the character, Olivia Pope, from the hit tv show, Scandal, his everyday life is not much different. As was the case with the Ashley Madison scandal, where a hacker broke into the network and released sensitive information on the internet. Status Labs was one of the first on the scene to offer assistance to anyone who needed it. Aside from the unfortunate incident, Darius Fisher has discussed some of the largest cases he has witnessed and had to fix. The basis of many of these problems starts, because many companies don’t realize how one negative comment about their product can spiral into a mountain of bad press for their bottom line. By educating these clients and showing them feedback on how this can affect their business, he has been able to gain customers at an alarming rate.

Darius’ hard work and commitment to helping to give his clients a second chance have not gone unnoticed. He ranked as one of the top executives on PWWeek’s innovation top 50 list. Ironically, Darius’ reputation has continued to grow, as his clientele ranges from small businesses to famous celebrities.