What Being an Entrepreneur is Really Like


The lifestyle of an entrepreneur is different from holding a regular job. Many people are intimidated by the idea of being an entrepreneur. At the same time, some of the most successful entrepreneurs are well respected and admired. There are many ups and downs that come with being an entrepreneur. In this article I found on the website of Entrepreneur, it describes one person as calling entrepreneurship a wild ride. There are many reasons that people decide to become an entrepreneur. One common reason is that the entrepreneurs don’t like the idea of working for someone else. Another reason is that the entrepreneur doesn’t have a choice but to be an entrepreneur. However, there are good and bad sides to being an entrepreneur.

One advantage that an entrepreneur has is that he gets to make his own decisions. He decides on the days and the times he can work. He also decides what days he could take off. Another advantage that an entrepreneur has is that his potential for income is limitless. He can earn as much money as the work he puts in. He is not stuck with a certain amount of money for every hour. He also gets to meet a lot of cool people. The most important advantage that the entrepreneur has is freedom. He is in control of his own life.

There are some disadvantages to being an entrepreneur as well. For one thing, the entrepreneur is going to have to work more than others in order to bring in some income at the beginning. This leaves little time for fun stuff. As a result of working so many hours, this causes entrepreneurs to miss out on stuff. Also, a little bit of rest is important every now and then. There is also the stress of not knowing if everything is going to work out and how it is going to work out. Other things you have to deal with is dry spells when there are very few paychecks. This can go on for years. The entrepreneur is also always on call. This could result in in suffering relationships. It could also be hard to make friends. However, once and entrepreneur reaches success, that can change It is also helpful for the entrepreneur to learn from others.

One entrepreneur that others can learn from is Marc Sparks. Marc Sparks has been through the rough stages of starting up his own business. He knew the amount of money and time that was needed to put into his business before he can see some rewards for his efforts. The success that he has experienced has allowed him to participate in philanthropic activities in the community. All of the hard work and long hours put into his business paid off in the long run.

Secure Our Students

The late 1990s and early 2000s saw a shocking rise in school violence. Some parental and educational groups attributed this rise in violence to the violence depicted in video games. These type of statements had parental groups and gaming companies at each other’s throats. Fortunately, for everyone involved, a new study released would suggest that school violence is dropping rapidly. Top notch security teams and security measures have been implemented in the majority of American schools. This isn’t to say that school violence is everywhere, but it does go to show that parenting groups and children’s advocates would rather be safe than sorry.

In 2009, 74 percent of schools were recorded to have been involved in violent incidents. Qnet data shows these incidents dropped 9 percent this year alone and the numbers keep getting lower. Studies show that 94 percent of the incidents include bullying of some form, which would suggest that physical violence is at a record low of 6 percent or less. School administration has implemented more measures to make sure these numbers steadily decline. These methods include: advance security cameras, well trained security personnel, local police, identification systems for students and teachers, and regular programs to keep students up to date with quality safety procedures. Many of these methods are being implemented in high schools before middle schools or elementary schools. Studies showed that 90 percent of the nation’s high schools reported acts or threats of violence. Middle schools and elementary schools only reported that 53 percent of their schools was responsible for the same actions. Local PTA’s and school boards are happy about these numbers but want to strive to eliminate school violence completely.

How Online Videos are Shaping Lifestyles

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, many people find that they just don’t have the motivation that they need to get things done. You probably know you should be eating healthier or exercising more, but it can be downright impossible to begin a healthy daily routine in order to accomplish your goals. One thing that many people are utilizing in terms of gaining motivation would be online workout videos. Workout videos can be made by professional trainers or people just like yourself who want to share their techniques, tips and experiences. These videos are easy to find and normally completely free for you to watch.

The reason online videos are shaping lifestyles is because of the fact that they offer variety. You can literally find a different workout to do every single day, and this makes it more than a little easy to get things done, shape your life and feel better about yourself. Because of these things, it might be time to consider looking for some workout videos for yourself and utilizing them in your own life. As Handy stated before, the majority of these videos are completely free, so it’s great to find one that you like and begin doing it each day. This allows you to feel better, look better and avoid the expense that often comes when you have to buy an actual DVD to get things done for yourself.