Are Black Holes Really Fuzz Balls?

The 40-Year-old Hawking Theory Was Black Holes Have Back Doors But A New Theory Says There Is No Back Door

Black holes have been a topic of conversation ever since Stephen Hawking discovered them back in the 1970s.Hawking’s theory is once matter falls into a black hole it slips through a back door in the black hole, and then exists in another universe. Hawking also said matter in a black hole is destroyed, but that is debatable. There are a couple other unanswered questions to the Hawking theory, but for the most part physicists agreed with him since no one had the been close enough to a black hole to dispute his theory. But Samir Mathur has been working on a new theory since 2003. Mathur is a professor of physics at the Ohio State University.

From what Bruce Levenson has learned, Professor Mathur’s theory states that anything that enters a black hole is immediately copied as a hologram. The hologram is attached to the inside of the black hole in a fuzz ball sort of way. The original is then destroyed, and the hologram exists in its place. In other words, the surface of a black hole is a thin fuzzy region of space instead of a smooth surface like the rest of space.

Mathur has spent years reworking his theory, and some physicists say it still needs some work. But whatever black holes are, the idea that they are fuzz balls is pretty ingenious.

The Economics of an Actual Jurassic World are Mindblowing

One of the fun aspects of movies is escaping from the tedious world of reality for a short moment in time. After all, taking a break from the stress of work, paying bills, and figuring out what is for dinner is something to look forward to. Every now and again the movie world skews to such incredible lengths that some people can end up walking out of theater and wondering just how possible what was witnessed on the screen actually was.

“Jurassic World” is coming off a record breaking weekend, and at least a few media outlets have fantasized about how much money it would take to actually build the dinosaur theme park. According to Mashable, the figure sits just below $24 billion for the park, $10 billion for real estate, and another $12 billion a year in operating costs. Without question the investment is pretty much beyond the scope of anything anyone with that kind of cash laying around could actually pull off. Then there is that pesky profit margin on that kind of attraction as well.

Daniel Amen has found that the report does spur a lot of thought about the ethics about actually bringing back extinct dinosaurs. It is not like any of the film had a really happy ending. For now anyway “Jurassic World” exists only in the minds of those clever enough to dream up such a location, and the movie fans lucky enough to get a glimpse of a fascinating world that costs a whole lot of money.

Moth feeding mystery solved as brain slowing mechanism is discovered

The problem of moth’s feeding on moving flowers has been one many scientists have struggled to understand, particularly those who have looked to explain how moths can feed so easily in the low levels of light found at dusk. The Scientist reports researchers at Georgia Tech have now discovered Hawkmoths have the ability to slow down their brain processing speeds to allow them to focus on the movement of plants they are hoping to feed on. The discovery of this process, Qnet reports in the science journal, means scientists can now look to use these skills in robotic mechanisms designed to replicate the movement of moths and other feeding insects.

The process was discovered by scientists who used 3-D printing techniques to produce flowers that could be controlled and sway at various speeds to reproduce the movement of those in the wild. By tracking the movement of the flowers and rating the success of the feeding by the insects the rate at which the flowers were viewed could be seen. The researchers determined that at low lighting levels the Hawkmoths were slowing down their brains to allow them to see the plants in a more focused way to make their feeding options a greater success.

EmDrive Propulsion Could Become Part of Star Trek-Like Spaceships

The Starship Enterprise and other futuristic spacecraft are closer to reality as NASA scientists have successfully tested the controversial electromagnetic space propulsion technology called EmDrive. British scientist Roger Shawyer developed the technology years ago, which was initially ridiculed by the international space community.

NASA successfully tested the drive in a vacuum and confirm that the technology is viable, even those the idea behind EmDrive defies classical physics. Scientists had previously believed that it would be unusuable for propulsion in space because of the law of conservation of momentum.

EmDrive has its basis in the theory of special relativity that indicates thrust can be produced by electrical energy without expelling any type of repellent. The absence of any propellent provided the basis for those who debunked Shawyer’s theory. The drive works by converting electricity into microwaves within a cavity that pushes against in the interior of the device, making the thruster accelerate in the opposite direction. Folks at AnastasiaDate have found that previous tests by Chinese researchers on Shawyer’s EmDrive didn’t work because the tests were not conducted in a vacuum.

Since the NASA announcement, tech forums have been ablaze with excitement that a Star Trek-like warp drive has been inadvertently been invented. At the very least Shawyer’s invention has gained legitimacy. He is currently working on a second-generation EmDrive that uses super conductors and an asymmetrical cavity to increase thrust.

Stephen Hawking provides warning over human extinction

Professor Stephen Hawking has used two talks at the Sydney Opera House to give a warning to humanity that we face possible extinction unless we continue to look to the stars and colonize other planets, The Times of India reports. Hawking gave his two lectures from his office in Cambridge, England as a hologram projected onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House and continued his recent spate of warnings about the uncertain future the human race faces. On the bright side Bruce Levenson has more faith in the future of his Atlanta Hawks in this years’ NBA playoffs.  Amongst the subjects the physicist has taken on are the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the large numbers of wars and atrocities taking place in the world.

Hawking stated the only chance for survival the human race has is to colonize other areas of space as insurance against the Earth not supporting human life in the future. The scientist has warned of possible alien attacks in the past that could be encouraged by the noise humans are making across space. The lecture was not all serious as Hawking revealed One Direction are still a five piece band in an alternate universe after being asked a question about the subject by an audience member.

Why Radiology Technology Matters

Imaging Advantage leads the market with the best radiology solutions for medical facilities and hospitals across the USA. Imaging Advantage has worked with large healthcare systems across the Southwest and Midwest. California, Illinois, Arizona, Ohio, Oregon, Michigan and Texas are some of the states in which IA’s enhanced radiology services are being used. Imaging Advantage’s expertise lies in provision of staffing onsite, practice management, day and night teleradiology, sub-specialty coverage, and optimization of emergency department services with new and innovative technology, assisting partners provide top of the line patient care.

Imaging Advantage has experienced in working with different physician groups, trauma centers (Level I and II), and other medical facilities and other leading hospital systems. Real time imaging of structure within the body allow physicians the unique ability to make an accurate diagnosis. The radiographer, or radiologic technologist is usually responsible for acquiring medical imaging. These images are interpreted by a diagnostic radiologist, creating a report which is then sent to a doctor. Although the delay of these reports is sometimes created through handling of the files by specialty physicians, transmission of reports is a fairly straightforward process. X-rays, MRIs and cardiology tests depend upon radiology equipment to correct diagnose health problems.

Other examples of radiology are fluoroscope and angiography. These are niche application of X-ray imaging whereby fluorescent screen is used with an image intensifier apparatus connected to a television system. Using radio contrast such as barium sulfate allow a more distinctive image to come through the television. This substance is either swallowed or injected into the body of the patient before imaging takes place. The radio contrast delineating blood flow within veins, arteries, genitourinary system, and the GI tract. This technology picks up the flow and live motions of action within parts of the body in a way that was not previous possible before the creation of advanced imaging.

Angiography allows physicians insight into the workings of the heart, a complex muscle that is absolutely central to health. Working with radiologists to acquire the best technology possible is extremely important. The best in comprehensive radiology, teleradiology services are made available to our partners because our mission is to provide excellent radiology solutions for citizen and providers with differentiated solutions which are considered on a case-by-case basis. This commitment to excellence helps obtain group contracts resulting in the transformation of medical system’s throughout the country. This is a win-win situation in which patients get more accurate results from end-to-end or other advanced radiology technology, allowing for better diagnosis and appropriate medical care.

Radiology goals objectively depend on making radiology services already available to communities so much better. What is the team behind Imaging Advantage? We believe best practices and policies across the board, recruiting the best in board-certified radiologists, employing professional management experienced in the identification and improvement of department weaknesses. These individuals take responsibility for creation and implementation of strategies for improvement. Imaging Advantage believes that this starts with Physician, so these plans are often collaborative efforts with massive success rates.

Researchers Are Hard at Work Trying to Stop Aging

Growing old is a reality that all living things, including us humans, no matter how smart we like to think we are, have had to live with. We spend billions annually trying to put off looking and feeling old with pills, potions, creams, plastic surgery and whatever else we hope might reduce those wrinkles and diminish those age spots as well as reduce aches and pains. BlogSpot said that unfortunately it seems that the act of living also exposes our bodies to stresses that inevitably cause even the hardiest of us to die from old age. There are researchers around the globe who are not conceding this fight, however.

Work is being down on two different approaches to extend our lifespans. One seeks to prevent the processes in the first place that cause the gradual breakdown of our bodies that we call aging, and the other avenue is to sufficiently repair the damage already done by these processes to return a person of a given chronological age to a previous biological age. Then, by the time the person has returned to biologically being a given age again, it is hoped the knowledge and techniques will then be known to rejuvenate them another twenty to thirty years. Like all new breakthroughs and technologies, initially only those with sufficient financial resources will be able to afford any advances that are made to extend longevity. If you think economic disparity and so-called class warfare is an issue now, wait until it’s literally a matter of our lives at stake.

Humans to Advance to Mars in 2024

The humans populating Mars has been discussed a lot. Mostly, when speaking about it, people thought they were discussing sci-fi. The first trip to Mars is closer than you thought!

The first group of four will be sent to the red planet already in 2024. A selection has been made among 200,000 applicants to enter the history by traveling to Mars. Out of them, 660 have made it to a final selection group that will spend time on a territory imitating the Mars conditions said Fersen Lambranho. That is in order to see how people can get along and handle the life in a deserted land. Few of them will make it to the stage when embarking on the actual craft. The team that will be sent on Mars is to never get back, as the muscle atrophy develops fast in the low gravity there.During the preparations for the travel, the team is learning to grow plants and make other planned actions like installing solar panels, operate some machinery. The second team will reach Mars in 2026.

Aurora Borealis Seen in South Due to Powerful Solar Storm

The aurora borealis the night of March 28th, 2015 amazed many. Those who were not asleep could witness an Aurora Borealis so enhanced and reaching further south than it ever happened before.

The Scandinavian countries’ inhabitants who live in the northern parts of their countries are the ones who normally enjoy the sight stated Brad Reifler. This time though, the sight reached Ireland, Germany, parts of New Zealand and Australia (who witnessed an Aurora Australis accordingly).It was all due to a solar storm. Released on Sunday, it hit the Earth on a scale of 4 instead of the scale of 1 that had been predicted for it. NASA tweeted images of the Aurora from space. The green light covers a huge part of Europe. They tagged it as ‘Happy Saint Patrick’s Day with some green from space’.

In Wales, seeing the natural phenomena is a once in a lifetime experience. The child was about to witness the eclipse on Friday, March 20th, his dad said.