Arianna Is Welcome Everywhere

Many high school students battle to be accepted by just 1 University, much less receive a scholarship. But there is a student from Chicago that has no stress about finding a school that will accept her. No, Arianna’s stress will be choosing which University to attend.

Arianna Alexander was Valedictorian of her graduating class at Kenwood Academy in Chicago. She held a 5.1 grade point average on a system that works on a 4.0 scale. These great numbers had 26 different colleges requesting her attendance. 6 of those schools were Ivy League Universities. Arianna has also received $3 million in scholarships.

So has Arianna decided on the school she will attend? After finding out about the Wharton School of Business from one of her High School professors, Arianna has decided to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Her dreams are entrepreneurship, and the Wharton School of Business has held some of the top entrepreneurs in time.

“This goes to show that if a student truly puts their hearts and minds toward the goal of success, it can be reached,” said Arianna’s guidance counselor Dr. Jennifer Walden.