How Online Reputation Management Helped Trump Find His Way Out Of A Sex Storm

The entire universe has been exposed to a decade old audio tape of Presidential candidate Donald Trump making what are now considered hideous sexual remarks about a woman that he worked with and reportedly had an affair with soon after his marriage.

The public holds politicians to a much higher standard of sexual behavior than they do athletes, movie stars, and television personalities regardless of the person’s sex. The comments that Trump made pale in comparison to the actions of some politicians at the same time and could be considered insignificant compared to the sexual antics of male and female celebrities then and now.

A brief look at Trump’s Facebook page gives a person a good idea of what online reputation management is and can do for any company or individual. Trump’s team is naturally the source of the methods and statements that turned a near certain calamity into a minor blip in the great scheme of things in the Presidential race.

A comparison of the comments from Trump faithful and from his Republican supporters last week and the comments after the October 9, 2016, debate show a mastery of online reputation management. The return of many of the major Republican politicians who abandoned Trump as disgraceful and unfit for the Presidency is indicative of the adroit management of the circumstances by a group of master reputation managers.

The massive number of dislikes faded from Facebook as soon as the damage control group began working and has resulted in additional likes for Trump.

One must note that the majority of the discussion of the audio from Trump took place on, Facebook and Twitter. Carefully crafted short messages from the candidate’s handlers distanced him from the comments and did the best possible job of minimizing the damage that the revelations from the past caused.

The damage control was topped off by an apology from Trump during the debate. The reception of the apology was naturally dependent on the political leanings of the owners of the various news outlets. The damage control is not over but the majority of any post-debate work will be handled in social media because that is where people get their news now.