Best Ski Resorts In The United States Are At Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe can be best described as the most popular destination for skiing in the United States. With over 22,000 acres of skiing, snowboarding and other snow filled adventures whether you’re a family of five or a thrill seeker, Lake Tahoe is sure to please. For 106 years, Lake Tahoe has been the home to ski enthusiasts, serious snowboarders and everyone in between. Aside from the lake’s pristine landscape, there are over half a dozen world-class ski resorts to set your sights and skis on.
The Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe vacation resort was most recently named Best Ski Resort in North America, for 2016 by USA Today’s Reader Choice Awards. This accolade confirms and solidifies Squaw Valley’s reputation as a catalyst for the avid and active ski culture that exists. Cozy lodging, steamy hot tubs and chef inspired meals make staying indoors just as desirable as heading out. Endless activities and experiences await those looking to get away from the slopes. The Aerial Tram, which ascends over 2,000 feet overlooking the snow driven slopes and High Sierra Mountains offers an uncompromising and unforgettable view of the luminous lake and the resorts.
Squaw Valley, host of the 1960 Winter Olympics offers 3,600 acres and more than 170 trails for skiing and snowboarding. There are four terrain parks and the longest mountain run is over three miles.
Alpine Meadows Resort is also a treasured place to plant the skis. This resort presents a welcomed challenge to beginners and experts alike. With an annual average snowfall of 450 inches, Alpine Meadows attracts the fearless and the faint of heart, boasting of 2,400 acres, more than 100 trails, and 29 lifts.
Both of these resorts share the distinct honor of providing scholarships, educational opportunities and support programs for snow sport athletes and coaches through the Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Foundation. The foundation has granted over $62,000 to 24 athletes and 7 coaches.
Lake Tahoe has become more than a ski destination, the lake and the surrounding picturesque areas are a close-knit community of snow lovers, ski and snowboarding aficionados out to discover the next great adventure.



The Rising Popularity of Labiaplasty and Dr. Jennifer Walden

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure designed to alter the labia (lips) around a woman’s vagina. This surgery is usually requested to make the labia smaller or fix labia lips that are not asymmetrical. This type of surgery has been getting more and more popular partially because of images women see in pornography and because of body-baring clothing like bikinis or yoga pants.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an aesthetic plastic surgeon, who practices in Austin. Dr. Walden decided early on that she wanted to be in the field of plastic surgery. She was drawn to this area because she felt a kinship with women who were seeking to improve their appearances, and she liked that plastic surgery showed immediate results.

Dr. Walden has stated in interviews, “Some women have a real issue with contouring when wearing tight jeans and yoga pants. They want to look and appear sleeker in that area. And enlarged labia can have a real impact on a woman’s sex life. In mechanical terms the labia can be tugged on constantly, which can cause repeated pressure during sex, which leads to severe discomfort.”

According to Dr. Walden labiaplasty has shown steady growth in her practice. She typically performs at least 2 to 3 operations per week in her Austin location, and she is highly sought by clients from all over the nation.

Dr. Walden has quite an extensive resume. She had a successful practice in Manhattan from 2004 through 2011. Once the doctor became pregnant with her twins, she decided to move back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. Here she spent time rebuilding her practice and after three years her business is better than ever. Dr. Walden is a published author, appears on television, in magazines, and has accomplished to be the only woman ever to serve on the board of directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).