George Soros Affects American Politics


Kenneth P. Vogel wrote an article, in January this year, for Politico about George Soros’ contributions to the campaign of Hillary R. Clinton. The reason for his endorsement seems to be tied to Soros’s desire to be part of the policy making apparatus of his adopted country.
At a time when insiders are considered anathema to the electorate, Hillary Clinton has garnered huge contributions from super-Pacs and billionaires like Soros. She is, after all, the presumptive presidential candidate for the Democrat Party. But she is in a struggle, after loosing two of three races on Super Saturday, to a resurgent Bernie Sanders, who depends not on super-Pacs but on those $27. contributions from private citizens, who have “felt the Bern”.
George Soros did support John Kerry in his quest to defeat George Bush for president in 2004. And before 2008 Soros warned about an impending economic, financial and political crisis. Soros saw, as an insider accustomed to the dealings on Wall Street, the machinations which produced the crisis of 2008. He sees a similar economic and political crisis looming today. But his support for Clinton seems odd considering her relationships with Goldman-Sachs and others who have contributed to her campaign. While Sanders has been opposed to many of the disastrous trade deals beginning with Mr. Clinton; deals which Hillary supported, but, now, admits were wrong.
Perhaps Soros’ decision to support Hillary instead of Sanders was due to his childhood experiences in Hungary, when the Communist forces deposed the German occupying forces, which had invaded Hungary during the Second World War.
Soros’ Open Society Foundation is dedicated to the transparency and proliferation of free societies and governments around the globe. His insights are important and his economic forecasting has been proven by the success of his multi-billion dollar hedge funds.
Soros is an important man on the world stage who has written extensively and made his opinions available to economic and political forums around the world.
While most of the billionaires in the United States of America are staunch Republicans, it is very nice to see Soros on the side of the party of the little man. He has an intense sense of trust for Hillary, and enjoys the fact that she has offered him an open door to her presidency, if elected.
There are those on the right-wing who attack Soros’ political leanings and attempt to discredit his intentions and even challenge his worth as a political figure. We are reminded on the “Swift Boat Attacks” on John Kerry’s service to the US during the Vietnam War. Kerry’s presidential run was viciously attacked by Republicans who were incensed by his condemnation of the US involvement in Vietnam.
Politics in the US is interesting and people like George Soros continue to have a place in the process.