Majeed Ekbal: Chicago Business Leader and Marketing and Executive

Chicago is referred to as “The Windy City”. Contrary to popular belief it got that name not from gale force winds but from the fact that early in the 1900s Chicagoans have been bragging about their city- hence “Windy City”. Over the years Chicago has developed into one of the major hubs of global financing. The city draws entrepreneurs from all over the world to engage in commerce, commodities trading and a whole host of other endeavors.

Majeed Ekbal is one of those people who came to live the Chicago dream. Mr. Ekbal is currently the president of Expresso which is located on 2400 N. Lakeview Avenue. Expresso is a revolutionary new company that brings the grocery store to your front door. In a largely urban city like Chicago many people do not own cars and getting groceries to your home in bulk can be a huge pain. Expresso takes the pain out of grocery shopping by taking them directly to your home.

While there are many competitors in this sphere Majeed Ekbal has found a fantastic niche through excellent brand management, marketing and top down leadership that encourages quality while still maintaining excellent growth. Their goal is to make the lives of their customers that much easier.

Right now Expresso serves most major areas in the city of Chicago including North and Downtown, Ashland Avenue and Lincoln Park. Current expansion plans include Wilmette, Evanston and the North Shore suburbs for limited service. That is just the beginning of their plans. In time Ekbal plans to expand to other nearby by suburbs and cities across the country. Their special brand of customer oriented grocery delivery will resonate with people across the country as it has with the resident of Chicago.

The payment options at Expresso are limited to cash and check to keep costs down but credit cards and digital payments are in the works. If you order between 8 am and 20 noon during the work week anything you order is guaranteed to reach your home that same day. You can even order delivery on the weekends. If you miss the 8am to 12 window your order will promptly show up on the next day.

Grocery delivery is a relatively new concept across the country but Majeed Ekbal is pioneering a new and exciting way to get your groceries and other assorted goods to your home in a reasonably priced and timely manner.

Lawyers in Brazil: Selecting A Competent Lawyer

Are you going through a legal issue in Brazil? Looking for a reputable lawyer in Brazil to represent you? If you have a need for legal assistance or representation, you definitely want to get a reliable lawyer as soon as possible.

When it comes to legal matter, it is something that many people in the world have to deal with at some point. There are many everyday situations where the law is required or needed in order to resolve them. And, there are many lawyers and law firms out there, that it can be difficult deciding which one to choose. In fact, if you are trying to find a good lawyer in Brazil, you will need to do some research to ensure that you choose a suitable one. Not all lawyers in Brazil will be right for the particular case you are facing, but if you research properly you will be able to hire a lawyer that is just right for your situation.

Even though Brazilian law firms and lawyers are competent and efficient, it is still advisable to choose carefully. You want to choose a lawyer that always ensure that clients are properly served and completely satisfied. One of the ways to determine if a particular lawyer is right for you, is to set up a consultation so you can interview the lawyer. During a consulation, you can ask questions and pay attention to how the lawyer responds. You will also be able to determine whether you can work with lawyer.

When you meet with a lawyer, make sure you understand the lawyer’s fee structure and billing method. And be sure that everything pertaining to legal costs and fees are put in writing before you sign the retainer or other document. Having all documents and agreement signed by both parties, will help prevent problems.

But since lawyer’s fees aren’t cheap, it is important to find an experienced yet affordable lawyer who can really advise and guide you through the entire legal process and obtain your desired outcome. If you are considering filing a lawsuit or if you have been sued by someone else, then find a reputable and experienced business litigation lawyer. Look for a lawyer who specializes in business or corporate litigation. A competent lawyer can help you resolve your legal matter effectively.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho provides competent representation to his clients. He has the legal knowledge, preparation, skill and thoroughness necessary for effective representation. He has handled many high profile cases involving business dispute, breach of contract and other related issues in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is a prominent business litigation lawyer and is well respected by his peers.

Status Labs Free Damage Control

Due to the Ashley Madison hack, Status Labs has been hit up by many of the clients that have also been acquired. Their biggest fears is that all of their information will get leaked out. Among the people that are affected by the Ashley Madison hack are government employees, small business owners, accountants and other clients. They are working on a plan and preparation for the leak of this type of information.

Fortunately, Status Labs has a huge staff of crisis consultants, experts of SEO, public relations, and social media that can help manage the crises and keep things from getting too far out of control. Also, Status Labs is offering communications for free. One thing Status Labs is very passionate about is the belief that everyone should have a second chance. The idea of someone’s life getting ruined for one mistake is a scary idea. Also, in a matter of time, everyone is going to become a victim of a major hack.

Darius Fisher runs Status labs with the intention of protecting the privacy of many peopel. He is fighting against the deterioration of personal privacy. He has witnessed big companies such as Target, Ebay, the IRS, and even the U.S. Military. Darius just helps people manage the damage and make some kind of action in which they can protect what is left of their reputation and keep from going under or having their lives totally ruined. This could be through the use of media, investors, family or anything as it depends on the user.

Hacking, leaking information, or anything that could cause undo damage to a person’s or a business’s reputation can be very dangerous for the victim. It is very vital for the victim to have some kind of resource to go to in the case of an emergency that could destroy his or her life. Reputation damage is a very cruel thing that could happen to someone. Often times, people are cruel to those who have their reputation damaged or destroyed. For this reason, there are resources for people who are victims of such an attack.