Slyce, AI Technology And Visual Search Change Online Shopping

AI Visual Search Technology

It really is amazing how far we have come as a society, in terms of technology used. We take it for granted sometimes, but our lives have become so much more convenient as of lately with the introduction of so much new technology to make our lives simpler and easier. The shopping process has completely changed from what it was a few decades ago when the internet first started. Now, we have AI visual search technology to push it along even farther.

Companies owned by Google and Pinterest and a few others are leading the way in visual search technology. A newer company called Slyce is at the forefront of this growing movement. Slyce uses an application that runs on a user’s device, and the user is able to make purchases based off of pictures they take from around their environment. Slyce has just introduced a whole bunch of systems and processes that make their company much more valuable and useful to its customer base. They have added a customer service team to help users find their purchases. The customer service team act as personal shoppers to work hand and hand with the user to find their item among some of the leading retailers and online distributors.

In a recent article in MIT Technology Review, a company called Sentient that develops this technology has their Chief Technology Officer talk about his experiences with the visual search technology. The article paraphrases him, by saying that he says that “it makes online shopping more efficient.” This seems to be the case due to the overwhelming success of these ventures.

Whatever the case may be for these other companies, Slyce has been working night and day to perfect AI technology and visual search technology in order to be at the forefront of the industry. They have a lot of competition, but they also have a lot to offer customers. Slyce works with major retail chains, like Home Depot, Tilly’s and, among others. They offer some of the steepest discounts that can be uncovered on the web, and they make it easier than anyone could have imagined to find the product. Just take a picture when you find what you want to buy.

Some of this information was originally published in MIT Technology Review, and it can be viewed in its original form by visiting this site.