Scott Lumley Real Estate Changes

The Nashville real estate market has recently recorded record sales. Crescent Cool Springs in Franklin has sold for $60 million. Now the multi-investment sales in Nashville area have reached the $1 billion mark. The Simpson housing company has paid upwards of $230,000 per apartment. There is a total of 252. This brings up a record selling per unit price for multifamily properties in the suburbs.

Growth Properties and Crescent Communities have teamed up to open 200 Resource Parkway. The year 2015 has been the second year in a row that multi-family investment sales pass the $1 billion dollar mark. A partnership led by Nashville investor Jack May handed out $24 million for 200 unit Rearview Grande. The partnership obtained the apartments from a fund owned and operated by Covenant Capital. They May group sold the apartments for $30.5 million.

The harmony housing market purchased the 144 unit Willow Creek community recently. This unit was made at affordable prices for families.

Scott Lumley is an entrepreneurial genius. His energy and inspiration are contagious. You can learn so much from this hardworking individual. Lumley is the president of This is a site that sells electronics both wholesale and retail. Overall the three sites that he owns have earned a profit of over $47 million. Scott Lumley claims that money is just money and real success comes from having a 24 hour job. He stats that in order for something to work, you have to be willing to put 24/7 attention into the material. Nothing that is successful is going to last forever. Customer satisfaction weighs the most in a business.

Lumley started out on Ebay and had a huge success reaching a satisfaction rating of 99.7 out of 100. was his second main business created back in 2009. This was a wholesale network that works to offer some of the best deals on the internet. The site is a reliable source of valuable quality electronics. The retail portion of the site is easy and convenient for accessing the best deals. There are three Largelots stores open in Tennessee. It is continuing to see growth and success. The chain will eventually grow and expand to more southern states such as Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky. Each store runs for 5000 square feet. The stock changes on a daily basis.