Inspiring People Through Michael Jackson’s Music

Find out how one guy is changing the lives of MJ’s biggest die hard fans with his own little way of bringing Michael back to life.

For impersonator Sergio Cortes, it is his livelihood to bring to life the amazing Michael Jackson on stage very single night. As a performer, he is one of the few people who can truly emulate the beauty of Michael’s performances live as a singer, dancer, and performer. The truth is that he knows how to sing just like Michael. His ability to take Michael’s songs and sing them with just as much beauty and crisp makes him one of the few people who can truly sound just as amazing as Michael.

There is no better person out there than Sergio that can emulate the beauty of Michael’s performances and music. As a singer himself, he has discovered what it that really gets people’s attentions. Michael knows how to beautifully capture the moment on stage every single time. As a dancer as well, he has developed all the right skills to know exactly what it is that makes Michael such an amazing dancer. He pulls it off so beautifully with his choices and options to what he does during songs.

Unlike most impersonators who just look slightly like their celebrities, Sergio has become quite known for being an exact replica of Michael Jackson. When he adds in the nice music and the unique clothing that is also just an exact replica of MJ’s clothing in music videos, he brings Michael to life so well. His face has the exact same structure as Michael, and you’ll find that Sergio approaches his skills and stage presence the same way as Michael Jackson does. He definitely is worth watching if you want to get a glimpse of what it is that Michael can do for you.

Michael Jackson will forever be loved for what it is that he has done for the music industry and the world of performing. His choices in songs, the way he stood out in his day, and the things he did on stage to shock the audience with his amazing music is what made him so amazing to watch. MJ truly delivered performances that were memorable and loving, and you’ll find that Sergio always knew how to do exactly that. If you need an amazing performer to watch, Sergio is a great alternative than Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson’s Best Impersonator

The famous king of pop Michael Jackson had many impersonators. Apart from loving his music, fans also loved his style. Sergio Cortes is the best example of Michael Jackson’s impersonator. He is of Spanish origin from a city called Barcelona. Despite the fact he resembles the king of pop, Sergio started imitating him at an early age. Cortes went to the extent of mimicking Jackson’s dressing code and dances. Sergio started by copying Michael dancing moves. Given that he looked like Michael, this was an advantage to him as he drew many people every time he performed. Cortes became a celebrity when journalist uploaded his videos on the social media. This was when many people knew him.

The action of the journalist really boosted his career. Sergio rapidly hit the market, many show organizers made invitations to him to do his imitations. Those who came along to see him dance and sing like Michael Jackson grew in number. This is when Cortes discovered that, he had a promising potential that would make his future bright. With time, Sergio became perfect in his mimics. Even at his current age he resembles, sounds and dances like the late king of pop.

Cortes has several merits that make him the best compared to other impersonators of Michal Jackson. He inherently looks like Michael Jackson. Therefore, when he tries any of Michael’s associated outfits, he brings out the real king of pop. Sergio was greatly confined by the pop star back when he was performing with the Jackson 5.

Sergio Cortes had spent most of his time following Michael. He even had special moments of practice each day. He imitated everything including his mannerism.

Indeed, his visions of a brighter day were real. Cortes has gained a lot out of this skill. He has over a hundred videos on YouTube showing him mimicking the king of pop. In addition, he is worldly known and his page has over 18000 likes. Sergio was blessed with the ability of mimic but the greatest of all is that he has the potential of bringing out nothing but perfection. The main reason being that when he dances and sings, he does it like the real Michael Jackson. Moreover, his natural physique has helped him gain more audiences as when he appears on stage one cannot differentiate him from the real Michael Jackson. Cortes is the real impersonator of Jackson, as many of the shows he performs always leave his audience astonished.