Norka Luque: Determination leads to Success  

Norka Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan musician who discovered her love and passion for music at a tender age, and her goal has always been clear: to bring a positive message through her music. As a child, Norka received complete support from her parents when she started her musical training with piano classes, voice practice, flamenco, and ballet. She did all these while still pursuing her academic education.

After high school, Norka traveled to France where she was to pursue higher education in International Business. She received degrees in Marketing, culinary arts, and fashion but also continued doing what she liked- music! She, therefore, joined a band known as Bab Moon Rising, with which she appeared on various platforms. Upon coming back to the United States, Norka took singing lessons. Later, renowned music producer Emilio Estefan Jr became interested in Norka’s work and opened doors to her lifetime dream of professional singing.

The birth of the song, Milagro

With an excellent team of producers, led by Emilio Estefan Jr, Norka produced the song, MILAGRO, which she is currently promoting alongside El Cata. Milagro is a mixture of reggae, Caribbean sounds, and Mediterranean traces, combined with a beautiful message that makes it a recipe for success.

This song has become a major hit in Venezuela, the United States, and Puerto Rico and it is making its entrance into the great Latin Music Billboards as one of the favorites. The singer has risen from ninth to the second position on the Top Salsa Billboard Record Report, which measures the problems most widespread in Venezuela.

In the United States, Milagro is also trending, in the Dance Club version, entitled Miracle and sung in English. In just a week, she went from position 42 on the billboards to 29. Earlier this year, Norka was nominated for the Lo Nuestro Award for the Female Pop Artist of the Year.

As a young artist, Norka Luque showed what determination means. She has excelled not only by being at the top of the charts but also by instilling positive massages full of hope to her fans. As a person who also went through a personal crisis, Norka uses her music as a medium to transmit love to those overwhelmed by life’s issues and who only hope for a miracle like she did. She insists that even though new genres and rhythms are born, the essence of your message as an artist should never change.

Norka’s performance at MTV: