North American Spine: Truly Non Invasive and Innovative

Still living with back pain because you are afraid of going to the doctor? Do you think they only thing they can offer you is surgery with a lengthy recovery? At North American Spine in Dallas, Texas they have many options to get you pain free and back on your feet again.

North American Spine offers thirty different medical procedures and has orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, and interventional pain management specialists to ensure you have a doctor specially trained to handle your condition and treatment. Besides the traditional cat scan and MRI, they offer seven other procedures to help doctors diagnose the problem. Once you have been diagnosed, you and the correct doctor for your specific condition will make a treatment plan. Some of the most common treatment procedures are neurostimulation, accuscope, and securaspine procedures.

Neurostimulation procedures are generally recommended for those whom all other treatments have failed. If you have tried rest, exercise, pain medication, physical therapy, nerve block, and minimally invasive surgery or tens treatment neurostimulation can give you the relief that you need. Neurostimulation works because this type of pain is neuropathic. Many patients with this type of pain experience numbness, burning, or tingling. Neurostimulation treatment usually involves putting a permanent implant in your spine to provide pain relieving stimulation.

They also use accuscope procedures to diagnose and treat chronic neck and back pain. Accuscope procedures use a natural opening at the base of the spine. These procedures are an improvement over older minimally invasive procedures because they are less invasive, they can treat multiple levels of the lumbar spine with one incision, and their is less of a chance of recurrence. The Securaspine procedure is for patients that need reinforced support for their spine. This is useful in patients with any type of disc damage and narrowing of the spine.

If you don’t live near Dallas you can still seek treatment and read the reviews of North American Spine. Many patients travel to have their procedure done. Most of the time they only have to make one trip and spend three to five days in the area. Wherever you live, North American Spine can give you the pain relief you need. They also offer a free MRI consultation, so you have literally nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving them a try.