White Shark Makes Improvements In Handling Client Complaints

White Shark Media is one company that has strived to build a reputation of reliance for all of its clientele. The task has been arduous because along with numerous compliments, there have been a number of complaints. They have taken the time to study these grievances and feel they have found solutions.

One such complaint had to do with clients expressing concern with their AdWords Campaigns. To remedy this situation, representatives began working more closely with business owners to ensure they understand every part of their campaign, right down to every specific keyword.

Next we had to learn to deal constructively with communication errors. To gain client respect in this regard, monthly or requested, strategy reviews were planned using an online conference tool. This way, every client that we deal with has the opportunity to see exactly the same information that we see. This simple implementation has satisfied a great number of patrons. They can also make direct contact by phone using both a contact person as well as their supervisor.

In some instances, in our fervor to make things better, we were quick to find out that the old way was actually the one that worked better. To the satisfaction of our clients we have kept already existing campaign’s in use. If the required satisfaction of the AdWords client is being met, then it is felt our job is being completed successfully. In addition, feedback is provided by a White Shark Media strategist, whose job it is to handle 3-5 clients. A head supervisor shares in the responsibility of making sure superior performance is being given each client.

SEO services are not provided but we do willingly work with clients that have one. Despite the fact that we do have SEO services does not mean we are incapable of offering protection to clients who may not be getting good advice from a SEO vendor. Additionally, we make sure our consultants work with a client through the entire phase of signing up and on to optimization.

Since 2012 AdWords has executed a program for initial clients. We literally begin with nothing and work to build a campaign that will more than satisfy the needs of the new client. Even those campaigns that are working well, and have been for quite some time, will continue to be scrutinized to make sure if something can be added to it.

If you wish to work with an up and coming company that offers every possible means of enhancing the contents of your program, White Shark Media is the place to go.

How White Shark Media Has Improved Because Of Complaints

Businesses may think that they can only engage with their clients when things are sailing smoothly and no complaints. Sometimes, businesses make the mistake of burying their heads on the sand when complaints are presented by customers— but this isn’t the right approach. Just like you would comment on positive feedback, when the few negative comments come, don’t brush them off.
One of the clients said that communication at White Shark Media wasn’t good. This is a consultancy agency meaning that it embraces communication, and it believes it is the most important tool they have at their disposal to lure clients. Communication ranks as just high as the company provides the meaningful result to its clients.
When the company was starting, clients did not feel like communication was being done the right way. Getting hold of contact person would be a frustrating thing since callers had to go through a receptionist. And, to deal with this complaint, White Shark Media implement GoToMeeting to schedule monthly status calls.
Each month, every client, as well as SEM strategist, conducted a review of past results. A report would be sent to the client in advance. Using the GoToMeeting app, an online conference would be scheduled. This is a tool that allows customers and business representatives to share a screen. The customer and the representative go through the report is a collaborative manner.
It is a move that has been praised by many clients, and they say it has perhaps improved things. The company also ensured that clients are able to call and talk to their contact persons directly. The White Shark Media installed phone systems consisting of direct extensions to help callers reach the person they want to talk to directly. These changes implemented to improve communication in White Shark Media brought good results— and the company is happy that such complaints were reported.
Without having complaints, a company may not know where it is making mistakes. And, it can use the complaints to improve on its service delivery. This is something that gives is a competitive edge over the competitors.
White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency delivering online marketing solutions, which are designed to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses. It is acknowledged as among the fastest growing digital media agencies in North American.
It engineers cost-effective online search marketing campaigns and offers top-rated customer experience. White Shark Media was founded in 2011. Three Danish entrepreneurs who have a wide experience in online and offline marketing joined hands to set up this digital agency.

Technological Advancement in Marketing and Advertising

Internet marketing has evolved over the years to become a more preferable destination for business. Many countries have invested a lot of resources in the marketing sector. Most of them want to capitalize on the available market structure to improve business among the development partners. As such, many people have developed immense interest in emerging marketing structure and have established different types of business. Marketing and advertising are major key players in the business world. Through marketing and advertising, many countries are able to showcase their goods and products to the entire world thus leading to increased sales. Advertising takes different forms, digital advertising is the most popular form used by people across the world. Goods and services are advertised through digital platforms and consequently attract prospective customers who throng the site to identify specific goods. White Shark Media is a leading digital marketing and advertising agency globally. The company mostly deals in advertising of small and medium business entities. This is because of their unique way of promoting small business in order to compete favorably in the market. The well optimized keywords give the client the utmost confidence when searching for any given product on their web page. The keywords used are user friendly thus are easily understood and can be found whenever a customer logs on to the account. Clients throng on the site in large numbers thus leading to increased traffic which eventually leads to the promotion of the goods and services. White Shark Media has also used simple keywords that are linked to other social media web pages. As a result, they get the required feedback from a big number of people.
White Shark Media has grown in the recent years to be among the top advertising and marketing agency globally. Due to their hardworking nature, they were recognized by Google and Google gave them a marketing platform to advertise on called Google Adwords Account. The company has professional and trained personnel who keep all the records of there clients. They have also developed mechanisms of maintaining good client relationship through giving feedback on any inquiries asked. The company does follow-up of the marketing trends of its clients through assigning them professional personnel who carry out keyword-level call to keep track of what the clients are doing in the market. The agency offer a level-playing ground for all its clients without discriminating on any.

Source: White Shark Blog