The Power of Cosmetics

Ask any woman, “Why do you use cosmetics?” you’ll probably get a wide array of different answers depending on who asked. Being the divine creatures we are, no response is ever incorrect, and all of us have our own reasons for wanting to use makeup. The allure of cosmetics for women is as strong as the gravitation pull sporting events have over our male counterparts. From the crisp packaging and eye-popping colors to the aromatic fragrances, we are hopelessly addicted.

Reasons We Adore Cosmetics

Makeup is not a new invention Lime Crime product on is a great product. It has been in existence since for centuries dating back to Egyptians where both men and women used them. Cleopatra used to use smashed insects to achieve the perfect cat eye. Even though the use of cosmetics has definitely changed over the ensuing centuries, the majority of people buying them are of the female persuasion. There are many reasons why we scour the cosmetic counters including:

Ego booster. With makeup, many of us feel more confident. For some women, a simple swipe of lip gloss and a coat of mascara does the trick, although there are some of us who won’t set foot out of the house without full makeup.

The Glam Factor. Some women use cosmetics to look more attractive. Whether it’s or a special event with professionally applied makeup or a night out with the girls, we love experimenting with different color combinations.

Clear Complexions. Women who suffer from acne or rosacea often use cosmetics to camouflage these skin problems. When applied correctly, the result is amazing and helps to improve self-confidence.

Enhance our natural beauty. All women are beautiful and with precise application of cosmetics, they are up the WOW factor 100 percent without looking plastic.

With so many cosmetics available on the market, it’s difficult to choose. That’s probably why we feel compelled to buy so many. From classic red lipstick by Chanel to bold and daring lip color from Lime Crime, the possibilities are endless. Timeless cosmetic companies offer us staples that will never go out of style while the cosmetic gurus of Lime Crime are able to offer stylish, over-the-tops hues to catch anyone’s eye.