Why Perspective Is Important for Investors

To be a successful investor, you must have a long-term vision and plan for your money. While you may hedge or short some equities on a temporary basis, those moves should still fit within your overall philosophy for creating and sustaining wealth in the long run. Let’s take a look at why investors need to have that long-term perspective whenever they take a position in the market.

Volatility Happens During Bull Markets Too

During a bull market, it is not uncommon to see days or weeks where the market could drop by as much as 3-5 percent. In some cases, the market could drop 10 percent in a matter of weeks or months. While some may see this as a sign of a reversal and liquidate their positions, the long-term investor understands that this is merely a market correction. In good economic times, the value of a stock or an index fund could double or triple. Therefore, a correction of 10 percent or less is merely a blip on that upward trajectory.

Larger Sample Sizes Allow Investors to Make Better Decisions

All companies have bad weeks, months and years. Recently, Apple has seen a decline of about 20 percent in the value of its shares. Those who only look at what the stock has done in the past few months may think that it is time to liquidate and move on. However, the long-term investor knows that Apple’s stock has offered incredible returns over the past several years and will eventually increase in value in the future. In this scenario, taking the long-term view allows for a more accurate interpretation of the stock’s value and prospects for the future.

Dividend Stocks May Provide Income Even if the Stock Itself Stays Stagnant

If a company offers a dividend to investors, it is generally a good idea to hold on to that stock. Over time, the dividend should increase, which provides a regular revenue stream in good economic times and bad. Investors can also reinvest the dividend into more shares of the company, which increase the value of their holdings if the stock does not increase in price per share.

Any Investor Can Be Successful With Patience and Guidance

Financial experts such as Brad Reifler are successful because they understand how the market works and have studied its movements for many years. Mr. Reifler started Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982 and Pali Capital later in his career, where he was able to help others make money trading Forex and commodities. Although such markets are known for their volatility, his experience makes it possible for any investor to minimize risk and potentially increase profits as well.

While there is no scientific formula to make money in the stock, Forex or commodities markets, it is possible to obtain consistent returns through good planning and vision. Taking the long-term view can protect against entering or exiting the market at the wrong time or making a decision based on emotion instead of hard facts.

The Creation of the Highland Village Shopping Center

The Highland Village Shopping center is the most visited shopping center in Houston, Texas. What makes this shopping center so unique to all the others in area is the fact that there is over 70 years worth of history to the land. In the 1940s, this shopping center was built by a gentleman named S.N. Adams. The shopping center consisted of a few local shops and a gas station. In present day, the shopping center has transformed to become a luxurious place to visit.

The shopping center was founded and built by the Adams family. After the death of the owner, the land was sold to developers in the 1960s. By 1991, the land was owned by developing contractor, Haidar Barbouti. Mr. Barbouti had big plans for the shopping center which included growing it even more to what it is in present day.

The Highland Village Shopping Center received its unique name from S.N. Adams who was of Scottish descent. The name has remained as a way to show the respect of tradition with the shopping center. The Highland Village area is not just made up of shops but also includes housing complexes as well as an animal shelter. The space for the animal shelter was donated to the organization by Haidar Barbouti. He is a continuous donor to the shelter.

The Highland Village Shopping Center has grown to become one of the best in the country within the past 25 years. In 1994, the shopping center was the first shopping center to ever house the growing brand name of Starbucks. Every single store in the Highland shopping center has been given a large space to setup shop in. Some of the luxurious stores include Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. The Restoration Hardware store in this center has been ranked the number one store in the country.

Each space is large to give both customers and employees large amounts of roaming areas. In 2010, the Apple brand was given a store in the Highland Village. The store consisted of multiple businesses offices in the back. The offices were created for presenting customers with the technology that Apple has come up with.

The goal of this shopping center was to create a place where shoppers could make a day out of their excursion. This means that visitors could spend all day shopping around and then grab dinner at some of the local restaurants within the center. Haidar Barbouti has transformed this shopping center into one of the best in the nation. This was the first shopping center to be built in Houston and it is also the best. The respect for tradition is also what makes this the shopping center to visit.

What To Avoid When Writing A Wikipedia Article About Yourself

Wikipedia articles about you have to be editorially neutral since Wikipedia aims at neutrality. All information will be factual and obtained from reliable and verified sources. Wikipedia writers for hire does not try to promote you in any way whatsoever so be ready to have both the good and the bad side of you exposed. There are guiding principles that you might consider going through before carrying on with your mission. Keep in mind that suppressing any information an existing article is prohibited according to the conflict of interest guideline. Avoiding this results into severe consequences and the “Law of Unintended Consequences” applies on Wikipedia.

What to avoid when writing a Wikipedia article about you

1. Autobiographies

Inclusion is established depending on the notability of a person in third party sources. Most infamous people create there biographies on Wikipedia because they perceive it to be a good idea. Well, it not. Many end up regretting their actions and warn Wikipedia to erase theirs, but they have failed.

Biographies are meant to be written by a third party who thinks you are that prominent for inclusion. According to Wikipedia policies, once an article is highly publicized, nothing much can be done to maintain its positivity due to the Neutral Point Of View (NPOV) policy. The Conflict of Interests (COI) limits the ability of the author from editing their article since they chose to overlook this policy before writing their article.

2. Articles about organizations and companies

The same case applies to articles on organizations and companies. Wikipedia does not aim at advertising your goods or services or tarnishing your company’s reputation. It will be so unfortunate if your new company’s Wikipedia article reads something negative about your venture when you anticipated for positive outcomes.

The article’s principal objective is to report the neutral-point-of-view using information on verified sources. Criticisms are also included, and some companies have their own criticism segments and others to an extent of having their own sub-articles committed to such criticisms.

3. Ownership article

The conflict of interest applies to all authors and restrains your ability to edit controversial information about you. It is a serious offence since you do not own any Wikipedia article whether it is about you or you wrote it. The Law of Unintended Consequences applies to those who disregard this policy on purpose.

Wikipedia focuses on reporting compelling knowledge, people, history, facts, etc., and will treat you more compassionately than the entire universe.

Your Privacy is Safe with Image Recognition Technology

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report which noted that while federal privacy laws can’t keep up with image recognition developments, the technology is very popular on social media sites and with digital advertising. In fact, kiosks and televisions in certain retail stores are now using cameras with image recognition technology that can accurately identify the viewer’s age and gender. As a result, the viewer is provided with a customized, digital advertisement. For example, a younger woman might be shown an ad for a clothing store, while an older man might be shown one for a restaurant. In fact, famous companies, such as Adidas, are using facial recognition technology to tailor their shoe advertisements to the customer’s age in select stores.

However, certain advocacy groups are still concerned that image recognition technology will give companies the unlimited ability to identify people and track their movements. Still, most consumers aren’t worried because companies are sensitive to how they collect and use their customers’ personal information. This is because when it comes to customer satisfaction, accountability and transparency are very important. Keep in mind that most users of social media technology willingly publish their personal pictures and information online. Popular social media networks, such as Facebook, rely on image recognition technology to allow users to tag people in photos. This unique technology allows users to connect with others, establish relationships and socialize online.

One of the leading visual search providers, Slyce, offers users the ability to simply take a picture of a product with their smart phone and immediately view shopping results. While more and more experts warn of the dangers of over relying on technology for daily life, this innovate solution now encourages shoppers to get out from behind the computer and go back to shopping at traditional brick and mortar stores. One of the unique things about this product is that it is a collaborate project between the shoppers and Slyce. That is, as users take more pictures, the database increases and therefore, the results are more accurate. Learn more, here: http://slyce.it.

In conclusion, while certain advocacy groups have privacy concerns, image recognition technology has excellent solutions for both personal and commercial uses. Image recognition technology simplifies the shopping experience and encourages users to shop in person at physical stores with their mobile phone and Slyce app.

Secure Our Students

The late 1990s and early 2000s saw a shocking rise in school violence. Some parental and educational groups attributed this rise in violence to the violence depicted in video games. These type of statements had parental groups and gaming companies at each other’s throats. Fortunately, for everyone involved, a new study released would suggest that school violence is dropping rapidly. Top notch security teams and security measures have been implemented in the majority of American schools. This isn’t to say that school violence is everywhere, but it does go to show that parenting groups and children’s advocates would rather be safe than sorry.

In 2009, 74 percent of schools were recorded to have been involved in violent incidents. Qnet data shows these incidents dropped 9 percent this year alone and the numbers keep getting lower. Studies show that 94 percent of the incidents include bullying of some form, which would suggest that physical violence is at a record low of 6 percent or less. School administration has implemented more measures to make sure these numbers steadily decline. These methods include: advance security cameras, well trained security personnel, local police, identification systems for students and teachers, and regular programs to keep students up to date with quality safety procedures. Many of these methods are being implemented in high schools before middle schools or elementary schools. Studies showed that 90 percent of the nation’s high schools reported acts or threats of violence. Middle schools and elementary schools only reported that 53 percent of their schools was responsible for the same actions. Local PTA’s and school boards are happy about these numbers but want to strive to eliminate school violence completely.

Stephen Hawking provides warning over human extinction

Professor Stephen Hawking has used two talks at the Sydney Opera House to give a warning to humanity that we face possible extinction unless we continue to look to the stars and colonize other planets, The Times of India reports. Hawking gave his two lectures from his office in Cambridge, England as a hologram projected onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House and continued his recent spate of warnings about the uncertain future the human race faces. On the bright side Bruce Levenson has more faith in the future of his Atlanta Hawks in this years’ NBA playoffs.  Amongst the subjects the physicist has taken on are the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the large numbers of wars and atrocities taking place in the world.

Hawking stated the only chance for survival the human race has is to colonize other areas of space as insurance against the Earth not supporting human life in the future. The scientist has warned of possible alien attacks in the past that could be encouraged by the noise humans are making across space. The lecture was not all serious as Hawking revealed One Direction are still a five piece band in an alternate universe after being asked a question about the subject by an audience member.

Lando Calrissian Gets his own Comic Book Series

There has been a lot of activity regarding Star Wars, one of which is the release of the new teaser, and it looks good. Perhaps the most interesting bit of news besides the release of the new teaser is the upcoming Marvel comics starring Lando Calrissian.

AnastasiaDate.com says that for those who are not so familliar, Lando Calrissian was a con man, smuggler and sort of a friend to Han Solo. His first appearance was in The Empire Strikes Back. Lando and Han had some kind of history together. Even though, they didn’t trust each other, they both shared a common dislike towards the empire.

Lando Calrissian’s series will depict Lando before his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. Other things they could explore aboput Lando Calrissian is his relationship to Han Solo and even how he lost his Millenium Falcon to him.

Perhaps one of the things that was missing from the prequels was this grey area element in the good and evil world. There was no con man, smuggler or any kind of shady character that has a lovable side. Everything was preachy, forced, and fake. JJ Abrams, seems to be bringing this element back to the universe.

Freedom Pop looks to lower wireless bills for all

FreedomPop founder Stephen Stokols has a dream of lowering the high costs many teachers and students struggle to pay for their cellphone bills each month by using wireless Internet hot spots across the US to lower the cost of data and wi-fi based calls. The idea for FreedomPop was created by Stokols as he embarked on a campaign to free up wi-fi space that often goes largely unused across the US as cellphone users instead spend their time using data they pay large sums for with a wireless provider. As a starting point FreedomPop believes it can provide low cost wi-fi access across the US for around 30 million of the 75 million and growing number of people who use cellphones.

The need for more data space was identified as early as 2007 when iPhone use crashed a large number of wireless networks with the high use of data across the US. A large number of cellphone and Internet providers responded by rewiring their networks to include a better standard of network, which was able to maintain access for all throughout the day and night. Wi-fi hot spots across the country often go unused as individuals do not known they are there and that they can connect for free to use apps and data that require access to the Internet.

According to several FreedomPop reviews, the service is offering a low cost alternative to using data, which can be charged extra for or be slowed down when a specific allowance is reached. The creators of FreedomPop have created a network of hot spots that are rented from major networks and are connected to automatically by a phone or mobile device as the individual passes through different areas of the country.

Former Stanford Student Poisons Classmates

A former Stanford graduate student has been accused of poisoning her classmates. That’s right, she tried to poison her female classmates. According to authorities, the 26 year old medical student Xiangyu Ouyang has been charged with four felony counts stemming from the absurd incident that occurred in October 2014.
University of Michigan had posted articles that suggested according to reports, victims of the incident reported a burning sensation after taking a drink from their water bottles. One of the victims mentioned that she immediately experienced a harsh pain and burning sensation in her mouth and throat. Shortly after, her eyes began to water and she couldn’t swallow. When the student smelled the water bottle she was drinking out of, reeked of paraformaldehyde.

In response to the charges, the 26 year old student whose name has not been released has admitted to filling the after bottles with paraformaldehyde however was not conscious she was doing it. The student issued a statement within the police report that indicated she was sorry for her actions and didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

The alleged victims were the girls’ lab mates and have stated there was no reason as to why she would’ve poured the toxic chemical into their drinks. This is another blow for Stanford, as they have recently been in the news due to an alleged cheating scandal.

New Developments in Germanwings Crash

There have been new developments in the case of the Germanwings crash in the French Alps. Andreas Lubitz, the 27 year old co-pilot has been accused of locking the pilot out of the cockpit and purposely crashing the plane. A few days ago, a cell phone was found at the crash scene containing a video that proved a chaotic scene with people screaming and yelling. Today, authorities have announced that a tablet seized from Andreas Lubitz’s home exposed internet searches for a specific medical condition, various ways to commit suicide, and cockpit door security. The internet searches occurred just days before the actual crash.

Marcio Alaor BMG says that in addition to the confiscated tablet, authorities found the second black box from the rubble of the aircraft. It has been nine days since the crash, so authorities are hoping the contents contained within the black box provides even more of an insight into the tragedy. Not much has been announced since, however authorities did mention that voice recordings from the first black box that was recovered indicated they had reason to believe Lubitz had purposely crashed the aircraft.

The victims of the crash included 72 German citizens; 49 Spaniards; three British nationals; three American’s; two victims each of Australia, Argentina, Iran, and Venezuela; and one victim each from the Netherlands, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, and Israel.