Why Is Martin Lustgarten So Successful At Investing?

Martin Lustgarten is a great case study in using his personal experience to become a wealthy investor. Americans today seem to be stuck on the biggest stocks in the American markets without thinking about any other stocks that they could invest in. The best investors in the world like Martin Lustgarten are actually turning over every rock to see if they can find a better investment to try.

Martin works in more places than his home countries. He is a citizen of Austria and Venezuela, but he has not pigeonholed himself like most Americans do. Americans do not realize that they can invest anywhere they want, and Martin Lustgarten does that every day. His ideas about investing have to do with making sure that no stock stays on the books for too long, and he also has  Vimeo account.

Americans will leave stocks in their portfolios because they think there are no other options, but moving to another market is a way to make and save money. Martin has accounts around the world that help him make as much money as possible, and he has been telling investors to send their money to the places that give the best returns. America does not always have the best returns, and Americans need to learn that lesson.

A broker can open a new account abroad for any client, and the accounts are managed by the broker to make sure that they are profitable. Someone who is not sure what to do with their accounts can leave their brokers to make their decisions, and the brokers have just as much information as a guy like Martin. The American who works a 9-5 job can get better trades done by a professional broker.

Martin Lustgarten’s lesson for investors is to keep their eyes open for new chances to make money. Martin decided to invest in both of his home countries, and he has invested all over the world to make money. He is not afraid to move his investments around when a better opportunity comes along, and he saves a lot of money by moving his money the second he sees a problem.