Reasons why Raj Fernando Recruited Only “A” Players at Chopper Trading

The trading floor is always bustling with activity and tense particularly when the markets are open but the scene witnessed at Chopper Trading in the break room is quite different. It is normal to find employees either playing poker or table tennis to wind down or lifting weights. They also go out to attend games courtesy of the season tickets provided by the company for Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks or Bulls games. Their lines of business are always stressful and hence their CEO, Raj Fernando, tries as much as possible to make the atmosphere pleasant enough to counter the stress.

Raj Fernando uses a different approach when hiring staff for Chopper Trading than his competitors. He does not usually take a certain number of trainees and put them through training and then choose the best and release the rest. His process of hiring is usually involved and quite lengthy as he attempts to bring employees who will work and retire in the same company. Raj started a rule that guided his hiring process when he launched the company in 2002. He does not mind the amount of money an employee will bring if they are going to make life miserable for all in the company. He likens the employment to a marriage where the prospective employee ought to want Chopper Trading without a turnover. This is only possible if the bad elements are weeded out as early as the interview stage.

About Raj Fernando

He is currently the founder and CEO of Scoutahead and used to hold the same credentials for Chopper Trading in the past. Raj started volunteering when he was still in college at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and worked his way up in a number of positions there and at Chicago Board of Trade (1991 to the year 2001). He then founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and he oversaw its growth that made it possible for it to employ as many as over 250 employees. Fernando then sold his company, Chopper Trading, to the DRW Trading Group in 2015. Early this year he launched Scoutahead, an internet startup that seeks to improve professional and corporate productivity and growth using communication systems that are advanced and secure.

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Three Smart Investment Strategies That Work

You can learn how to invest money the smart way. PR Newswire listed the steps. The first step is to start investing money as soon as possible. Most workers do not reach their retirement goals because they wait too late to investment their money. Also, a large number of employees do not invest enough money for retirement.

Our retirement goals and objectives are different because of our personal circumstances. Do not invest more money than you can afford to lose. You should consider putting annuities, insurance and mutual funds in a portfolio.


First, an annuity is your solution if you think you are going to out live your retirement income. Your annuity can be deferred or immediate. With the deferred annuity, you make a lump sum payment or monthly payments for many years. At the end of the contract, the insurance company will pay you based on the terms of the contract.

If you use an immediate annuity, you pay the insurance company a lump sum payment. Then, you immediately get monthly payments from the insurance company based on the contract.

Insurance Policy

Next, insurance policies have tax-free death benefits. There are several types of insurance polices and some of them have a cash value. Whole life insurance policies have a cash value. When you die, your loved one gets the death benefit and the total cash value of the policy.

For example, you buy a $100,000 whole life insurance policy. If the insurance policy is worth $150,000 when you die, your beneficiary gets the death benefit and the $50,000 tax-free.

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