White Shark Makes Improvements In Handling Client Complaints

White Shark Media is one company that has strived to build a reputation of reliance for all of its clientele. The task has been arduous because along with numerous compliments, there have been a number of complaints. They have taken the time to study these grievances and feel they have found solutions.

One such complaint had to do with clients expressing concern with their AdWords Campaigns. To remedy this situation, representatives began working more closely with business owners to ensure they understand every part of their campaign, right down to every specific keyword.

Next we had to learn to deal constructively with communication errors. To gain client respect in this regard, monthly or requested, strategy reviews were planned using an online conference tool. This way, every client that we deal with has the opportunity to see exactly the same information that we see. This simple implementation has satisfied a great number of patrons. They can also make direct contact by phone using both a contact person as well as their supervisor.

In some instances, in our fervor to make things better, we were quick to find out that the old way was actually the one that worked better. To the satisfaction of our clients we have kept already existing campaign’s in use. If the required satisfaction of the AdWords client is being met, then it is felt our job is being completed successfully. In addition, feedback is provided by a White Shark Media strategist, whose job it is to handle 3-5 clients. A head supervisor shares in the responsibility of making sure superior performance is being given each client.

SEO services are not provided but we do willingly work with clients that have one. Despite the fact that we do have SEO services does not mean we are incapable of offering protection to clients who may not be getting good advice from a SEO vendor. Additionally, we make sure our consultants work with a client through the entire phase of signing up and on to optimization.

Since 2012 AdWords has executed a program for initial clients. We literally begin with nothing and work to build a campaign that will more than satisfy the needs of the new client. Even those campaigns that are working well, and have been for quite some time, will continue to be scrutinized to make sure if something can be added to it.

If you wish to work with an up and coming company that offers every possible means of enhancing the contents of your program, White Shark Media is the place to go.

How White Shark Media Helped My Business

Last year, I decided that I wanted to start my own online-based business. Operating solely on the internet was the best decisison for me because it was so cheap. I decided to start selling gift bags of luxury leather goods from all over the world for customers with disposable income. Since there is such a small niche for this, it was hard at first to advertise and market to the right demographic. It always felt as if so much money was being wasted.

I found White Shark Media earlier this year and learned that they were one of the best digital marketing companies on the internet. I visited their website, and found that they offered many different services. I only wanted to market my products to people who could afford it, instead of wasting my money on people that did not need to see my advertisement.

On their website, I found a lengthy list of testimonials. I actually called White Shark Media and asked if there were any companies that could refer me. They contacted some of their clients and asked if one of them would be willing to inform me of the quality of their services, so I was able to talk to a few companies about the quality of White Shark Media’s end results.

I called White Shark Media on the phone because it said it was free online. They provided me with a grouping of the services that would be best for me, and I decided on a relatively small package of marketing services. I am so glad I have made that choice, because my business has expanded tremendously. This company made my advertisements on Google much more worth their money. I was receiving about 3.5 times as much exposure as compared to when I was marketing by myself, and kept costs the same. The amount of money that it took to have the advertisements hosted and pay White Shark Media was the exact same as what I used to pay, and I’m getting so much more bang for my buck.

It is possible that I could have kept on marketing by myself and achieved the same level of results that White Shark Media helped me with, but I truly feel as if White Shark Media changed the outlook on my business for me. I was very surprised that they could do so much good by charging such a reasonable price. I was pleasantly surprised!

White Shark Media Reviews

The White Shark Media ranks highly in digital marketing. It is capable of delivering internet based marketing solution aimed specifically for the SMEs. This company has found recognition as one of the fastest growing firms in digital marketing throughout the whole of North America. The growth of this firm has been attributed to its engineering of some of the cost-cutting search marketing campaigns that are capable of giving a customer experience that matches the set standards.

This agency is also involved in aiding a great number of firms in the North America to prosper their businesses by utilizing tactics on online marketing together with proprietary marketing tools. Also to add on to their formula for success, is the detailed tracking of each and every marketing effort of a client. With keyword-level tracking, proprietary reporting software, competitive intelligence and Google Analytics integration, the agency is able to make sure that they become fully responsible to their clients.

By giving some of their best efforts in catering for the requirements of various clients with different needs, White Shark Media agency has been able to receive numerous reviews from their satisfied customers. Some of those reviews are as follows.

Most firms’ failure to keep track of conversations, reported of lack of idea on the performances of AdWords. Once they sought for the services of White Shark Media, things began to improve in a much larger scale. Some of these companies are now receiving a high traffic of phone calls from online advertisements. The White Shark Media has enabled them keep track of the leads using a keyword.

They have an overall experience that is wonderful. The staff showcase a lot of professionalism in them and they give their best to make sure that each client is happily satisfied. The staff also possess an in-depth understanding of optimization and they keep on working on the account of a client. By outsourcing their services, a number of customers have reportedly said that their output saw a 300% increase. The level of their services and responsiveness are incomparable to others and the staff will answer all the queries promptly and in detail.

Most firms have put it that with the assistance from the team on White Shark Media, they can now be proud of clean, streamlined websites. Through this, all the info and navigation through the sites have been made very accessible and stress-free to use. The White Shark agency makes a promise on everything that is within its reach and it has the capacity to put your visions into real life.

How to Use Key Words Effectively In SEOs

Keywords are probably the most necessary elements in the SEO strategy and the search engine marketing campaign generally. They are used to classify your business, to target your preferred audience and at the end of the day decide the content of your site.


The usage of the SEOs keywords to gain a higher and better position in SERPs has greatly changed so much in the past as search engines have managed to develop to actually present the best and reliable results to the final user.


When you are writing, you might come across many comments from the, SEOs, and this might leave you wondering how many keywords you are supposed to use, in order to improve your organic position during the search. These individuals are actually trying hard to optimize for the search engines rather than optimizing for the users, which could easily enable keyword stuffing practices.


It is actually possible to use the keyword targeted in your page, but you should focus on the searchers you want to bring to your site.Here are some few rules to guide you oh how to use the keywords.


  • First of all mention the preferred keyword in your page title: This will inform searchers and the search engines what the page is all about.


  • Place the keyword in the headline, if you actually want users to get the matching topic between the search snippet and the landing page.
  • Never forget the meta description: this will actually not boost the rankings in the search, but you are targeting the users, and a good description will greatly help the click-through rate.
  • Repeat the key word a least two or even three times in your page content so that it can make more sense.
  • Make sure that you have implemented your keywords in your images
  • Be careful to never to go overboard, do not repeat the keyword too many times. At the end of the day use the keywords until you feel it has served its purpose.


If you want to get rid of the stress that comes with trying to properly and effectively manage and maintain a very successful Google advertising, then hire the services of White Shark Media. The company will do everything you need, and at the end of the day send an email when they have modified anything. The clients who have dealt with the company recommend it for all the business advertising on Google.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

Search Engine Optimization Lecture By Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher, who is the leader of a top online reputation management corporation called Status Lab, will hold a speech at the impact15 on a three-day annual convention that will be held on date 23rd to 25th. This occasion will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. This convention brings on board the entire online marketing industry and their utmost innovators to bring their ideas and how to make digital solutions for those ideas.

His speech about the Google first page making a new major impression. He will discuss the reasons why it is important to keep our legacy high on protecting our digital existence. He goes on by further arguing that when local magazines and newspapers keep changing content every day but Google search never changes every day. It implies that digital solutions should be lasting once found instead of being dynamic. A solution is not a solution if it is not a lasting solution. Darius is expected to give a critical analysis, guidelines and best practices and search engine optimization. Public relations and content development tools to fix your search engine results for corporates and individuals are some of the content he intends to share during that annual convention.

He affirms that he is delighted and thankful for the opportunity to lecture on online reputation management topic to a highly esteemed audience of the online marketing industry. He takes it as a prestigious moment that will yield ideas that will be prominent to provide lasting solutions and strategies towards elevating our brands to the next higher level. This conference will be featuring the best live out and techniques that will enable us to build our market stocks and business development from the already established leading specialists. The members who will be in attendance will be asked to take the chance to look at the latest tools and trends as they intermingle and network with local and international leaders and experts.

This conference will affirm to the fact that online marketing tactics are in a constant evolution with each passing moment. With the search engine procedures updates of the recent, most businesses, firms and industries are urged to keep up with the evolving trend and take full exploitation of opportunities that present themselves in this online world.

Darius Fisher is the president and co-founder of Status labs which is the chief online status management, online digital promotion and public relations corporation. Status labs helps their clients have a good impression of online search results. This agency has built partnerships with various major corporations in the USA and has increased its reputation worldwide.

Status Labs Free Damage Control

Due to the Ashley Madison hack, Status Labs has been hit up by many of the clients that have also been acquired. Their biggest fears is that all of their information will get leaked out. Among the people that are affected by the Ashley Madison hack are government employees, small business owners, accountants and other clients. They are working on a plan and preparation for the leak of this type of information.

Fortunately, Status Labs has a huge staff of crisis consultants, experts of SEO, public relations, and social media that can help manage the crises and keep things from getting too far out of control. Also, Status Labs is offering communications for free. One thing Status Labs is very passionate about is the belief that everyone should have a second chance. The idea of someone’s life getting ruined for one mistake is a scary idea. Also, in a matter of time, everyone is going to become a victim of a major hack.

Darius Fisher runs Status labs with the intention of protecting the privacy of many peopel. He is fighting against the deterioration of personal privacy. He has witnessed big companies such as Target, Ebay, the IRS, and even the U.S. Military. Darius just helps people manage the damage and make some kind of action in which they can protect what is left of their reputation and keep from going under or having their lives totally ruined. This could be through the use of media, investors, family or anything as it depends on the user.

Hacking, leaking information, or anything that could cause undo damage to a person’s or a business’s reputation can be very dangerous for the victim. It is very vital for the victim to have some kind of resource to go to in the case of an emergency that could destroy his or her life. Reputation damage is a very cruel thing that could happen to someone. Often times, people are cruel to those who have their reputation damaged or destroyed. For this reason, there are resources for people who are victims of such an attack.