Brand Engagement: Millennials Talk, Millennials Listen

Millennials are tough consumers. They are acquainted with traditional marketing and advertising, so they are well-aware of when a company is selling to them. Additionally, they have a fast evolving language and a hard to penetrate culture. Brands have to be flexible, smart and robust about their content strategy to keep up with them. It is important for brands to be able to speak their language because these college-aged consumers have $200 billion to spend. Also, early brand loyalty will lead to long-term growth potentials.

Josh Verne saw an opportunity in the marketplace to allow Millenials to communicate with each other. His company FlockU is a peer-to-peer content exchange for college students. The college students run and create the content themselves. Since launching in 2016, the platform has more than 700,000 members, with almost 4 million web hits every month.

FlockU garner content that feels natural to Millenials. Cytex discovered the benefits of FlockU as a platform when they tried to educate college students about the uncomfortable topic of Urinary Tract Infection. Generally, companies would not consider a humorous approach to dealing with a serious and potentially embarrassing topic like this. But FlockU was able to deliver an effective message through the peer-to-peer humorous exchange of accurate medical information. It was possible because college students understood what other college students want to hear.

Millenials are bombarded with 5,000 media messages each day. So, they are careful about what they share with their peers. According to a ‘NewsCred’ survey, 60% of Millenials share content when it is ‘thought provoking and intelligent’. So brands have to be authentic, enthusiastic and purpose-driven. Netflix has effectively targeted and shared content to promote its exclusive shows. Verizon has shown innovation with “Inspire Her Mind” campaign which promotes women in science and math. These companies succeeded through understanding and tailoring their content to their consumers.

A company like FlockU, that provides Millenial to Millenial content sharing, can increase brand presence. However, the most important part of reaching out to this generation is creating content that feels real, engaging, and useful to the Millenials.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne, founder and CEO of FlockU, is an entrepreneur and executive with more than 20 years of experience starting and growing multi-channel businesses. His company FlockU is targeted at college students for peer-to-peer mobile communication.

Previously, Josh Verne ( founded and sold The e-commerce website allowed buyers to finance purchases through payroll deduction. Prior to that, Josh Verne grew his family business into one of the largest furniture brands in North America.