Freedom Pop looks to lower wireless bills for all

FreedomPop founder Stephen Stokols has a dream of lowering the high costs many teachers and students struggle to pay for their cellphone bills each month by using wireless Internet hot spots across the US to lower the cost of data and wi-fi based calls. The idea for FreedomPop was created by Stokols as he embarked on a campaign to free up wi-fi space that often goes largely unused across the US as cellphone users instead spend their time using data they pay large sums for with a wireless provider. As a starting point FreedomPop believes it can provide low cost wi-fi access across the US for around 30 million of the 75 million and growing number of people who use cellphones.

The need for more data space was identified as early as 2007 when iPhone use crashed a large number of wireless networks with the high use of data across the US. A large number of cellphone and Internet providers responded by rewiring their networks to include a better standard of network, which was able to maintain access for all throughout the day and night. Wi-fi hot spots across the country often go unused as individuals do not known they are there and that they can connect for free to use apps and data that require access to the Internet.

According to several FreedomPop reviews, the service is offering a low cost alternative to using data, which can be charged extra for or be slowed down when a specific allowance is reached. The creators of FreedomPop have created a network of hot spots that are rented from major networks and are connected to automatically by a phone or mobile device as the individual passes through different areas of the country. By using the hot spots of FreedomPop for a low monthly cost the use of data is lowered and the individual will have the chance to seek out a more affordable cellphone plan that can be used alongside FreedomPop.