5 Reasons for Investing in Brazil

The first reason for investing is realizing that Brazil is the 7th largest nation in terms of GDP. While international investors focus on the G8 and the other nations with the largest GDP, Brazil remains largely overlooked. With only the US eclipsing it in the western hemisphere, Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen say that the country is ripe with potential for investors.

The second reason for investing in Brazil is that it is still considered an emerging market. It is not a typical developed market trying to reinvent itself in played-out and well –saturated industries. The fact that it is still considered emerging indicates room for growth and investment potential.

A third reason for investing in Brazil is the existing store of natural resources including the ability to produce enough oil to meet its own needs without importing from elsewhere. Brazil is also a leader in ethanol and iron ore. Outside of metals and oil and natural gas types of resources, the country is rich in agricultural and livestock capabilities and products including such commodities as sugar cane, cocoa, potatoes, cattle, rice, pork, wheat, coffee, cotton, and soybeans to name some.

Innovation and technology advancements and programs provide a compelling fourth reason to invest in Brazil. This includes aircraft production, software coding, oil exploration, equipment manufacturing, and other areas uncommon in other Latin American countries. Better yet, the funding for innovation is driven by multiple sources including government promotion, private contributions from industry, private and public universities and institutes, non-profit groups, and several multinational groups such as UNESCO, WHO, the Ford Foundation, Volkswagen, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The potential for great innovation is fueled by all of these sources and provides a reason for investing in Brazil.

Infrastructure considerations provide a fifth reason for investing in Brazil. There are scores of airports and ports along with tens of thousands of kilometers of railways, developed and maintained roads and highways, and well-established communications systems. This infrastructure allows for travel of people, goods, and ideas in a fast-paced modern world.

In summary, Brazil is well worth pursuing investment opportunities because it presents five compelling characteristics which set it apart; namely it is (1) the 7th largest nation in terms of GDP, (2) an emerging market, (3) a great store of natural resources, agriculture and livestock, (4) funded and driven towards innovation and technology advancements, and (5) well established in terms of infrastructure support for all industries.