High Demand for High Quality Dog Food


The pet food industry is reporting dramatic changes to its sales, as sales of premium, healthy dog food have been sky rocketing. The pet food industry accounts for about $23.7 billion, and recent trends with spikes in purchases of high quality dog food mean that this amount is only going to grow. An article by the Daily Herald explains this trend and why premium dog food brands are investing so much in advertising to health conscious pet owners.

With recent trends in nutrition showing that large numbers of adults are now paying a lot of attention to how they feed their bodies, as well as the quality of the ingredients in those foods, it should not be surprising that pet owners are embracing this trend for their furry family members. Dog food producers are now facing tough competition to continue to innovate their recipes and production lines so that the healthiest ingredients make their way into your four-legged companion’s meals.

One premium dog food brand that has been particularly successful in keeping up with this trend is Beneful. Beneful is part of the Nestle Purina Petcare line, which specializes in all types of food and edible treats for dogs. Since its founding in 2001, Beneful rose to the fourth largest dog food brand by 2012 and accounted for $1.5 billion in annual proceeds.

Beneful gained a bump in its rise to the top of the dog food industry from its highly effective advertising, but its reputation for high quality products is what really helped Beneful stake its claim. Beneful provides a range of dog food options, including eight dry varieties of dog food and four wet dog food options. It also has been recognized for its unique and efficient packaging, which includes resealable containers to keep the food fresh and can also be used as the dog food bowl itself.

As the demand for high quality, nutritious dog food continues to rise, it is likely that Beneful’s sales will also increase. Beneful has maintained a stronghold in a highly competitive dog food market and is positioned to remain a top producer for years to come.