Dr Sergio Cortes the State Health Secratary Tours Flooded Areas

After severe flooding and mudslides, the residents of the Xerém, Duque de Caxias region were very happy to see the State Secretary Dr. Sergio Cortes and his team had directed the construction 7 (seven) custom dengue hydration centers. Each center also has the ability to serve up to 300 people per day. Sec. Cortes has passed out the thousands antibacterials that was as well as tens of thousands of bottles of water. Extra Globo reports that Dr. Sergio Cortes asked anyone donate to the crisis to please remember to also donate in the form of bottled waters. Dr. Cortes reminds everyone that bottled water are one of the things most desperately needed in the area.

Classes are being given in the emergency centers with the intention of training locals and identifying standing water pockets and how to disinfect them. Dr. Cortes explains that going after the breeding grounds of the Aedes aegypti mosquito is by far the most efficient way to try to combat this growing health crisis. Volunteers and paid state workers have been trained to go out and use sodium hypochlorite as a disinfectant on a standing water found in the region. With diseases like hepatitis a and viruses like the Chikungunya virus this mosquito is has been very detrimental to human population in the area. The same species of mosquito is the only known transmitter of the Zika virus which has recently been a world concern.

Between dengue fever, the Zika virus and all the other easily transmitted diseases and viruses in the Xerém area Health Secretary Sergio Cortes has been rather busy lately. All these things have been greatly aggravated by the flooding from the unseasonably torrential downpours that had been pounding the region since early January. Landslides and flooding and power shortages only add to the problems. The speed at which the Zika virus has begun to spread has been deemed as extremely alarming by the World Health Organization and Dr. Cortes reminds us that the Zika virus has some very serious suspicions possible links to almost 4000 birth defects in Brazil recently.

State Health Sec. Cortes explains that the Zika virus may in fact be linked to the abnormally high number of infant birth defects in the area. Microcephaly is an autoimmune immune and a neurological disease that has recently been connected to the Zika virus specifically with the babies mothers that have been bitten before the child was ever born.

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Why You Should Consider Seeing Doctor Sergio Cortes for Medical Issues

For those who are currently living in Brazil, it is easy to see why Sergio Cortes is one of the top medical professionals in the area. In fact, Doctor Sergio Cortes has seen hundreds of people and has helped these individuals to take charge of their health once and for all. The main issue that a lot of people face right now is the fact that they are not living healthy lives. Bad habits and a poor diet with lack of exercise contributes to poor health and this is something that Sergio Cortes is looking to change for those who come to see him.

Sergio Cortes has a lot of experience and education with medicine and health, studying for many years in the top schools around Brazil. He also has a lot of experience with working in the actual field of medicine. This is the time to consider seeing a professional like Sergio Cortes and you can even go to his LinkedIn page or follow him on Twitter if you would like to learn a bit more about him before choosing to make him your doctor as well. Knowing that you are working with a great doctor who actually cares can make a world of difference.

Another wonderful thing about Doctor Sergio Cortes is that he has worked with hundreds of people throughout the length of his career. This makes him one of the more popular doctors in the area and the fact that he is able to work with a wide variety of patients and conditions. In fact, it is easy to see why so many people are currently calling Sergio Cortes their primary doctor because of the fact that he has the experience and knowledge to work with a range of people no matter what medical ailments they have at the moment.

There are a lot of doctors in Brazil, but one of the top practitioners happens to be Sergio Cortes. He has a ton of experience and education under his belt to make him one of the top choices for those living in the area. This is the time to consider seeing someone new if you are currently unhappy with the doctor that you are using at the moment. There are so many benefits that come with seeing Sergio Cortes and making him the sole doctor with whom you work for the rest of your life.

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Avi Weisfogel Opens Crowdfunding Pages For Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a dental services charity that reaches out to needy people around America, and their nonprofit works with as many dentists as possible to provide services. The services provided by dentists come from professionals like Avi Weisfogel. Dr. Weisfogel is a noted dentist who has been at the top of his field for some time, and this article explains how he is helping Operation Smile.

#1: The Services

Dr. Weisfogel works with Operation Smile going into communities where regular dental care is not a reality. There are thousands of people in every community who need regular dental care, and Operation Smile brings dental care to people who cannot afford it otherwise. Operation Smile goes into communities around the country to help people in need, and Dr. Weisfogel has been on many of these trips to help people in need.

#2: What Does The Crowdfunding Page Do?

The GoFundMe page set up by Dr. Weisfogel is an open invitation to give money. The page will accept donations at any time, and the page allows people to give as much as they like. Dr. Weisfogel has added his own statement to the page asking people to give, and he is promoting the page as much as he can. Avi is committed to helping people who are in need of dental assistance, and he has done much of this work himself. He knows how much help is needed to serve those who cannot afford dental service, and he will continue to raise money to that end.

#3: How Expansive Is Operation Smile?

Operation Smile wants to expand across America as much as possible. The organization knows that many people in America have not been reached by their free dental services, but money is needed to purchase the vehicles and equipment that are needed. Dentists like Dr. Weisfogel would love to get to work as soon as possible, but these professionals cannot begin work until Operation Smile has more money to work with.

Avi Weisfogel wants to bring attention to Operation Smile, and he has begun his own GoFundMe page for the charity. Dr. Weisfogel has spent much of his own time working with people who need free dental services, and he wants to raise enough money to help reach other communities in America. Avi Weisfogel is a committed dentist who wants to give back to the communities that need his help the most.

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Understanding More About Your Health With Sergio Cortes, MD

The well being of an individual determines how the person will perform on many levels of life. There are many things that come into play when you take care of your health. It is interesting to note that many people have been able to maintain the right diet but have forgotten doing so without exercise will not guarantee good health. Exercise will help the body to grow stronger as well as preventing some harmful diseases. Sitting for long hours each day has led to many complications among people who have jobs that require them to spend many hours on their seats. Most complains have been channeled to back pains and lack of composure. This is something that can be corrected by adhering to simple work out techniques that can help to prevent complications in your spinal region.

Sergio Cortes in his blog explains that many people have turned to a sedentary lifestyle, which has come with consequences. The kind of foods that people are also taking is not healthy enough to offer the right nutrients. This has triggered many questions as many people are suffering complications that do not even require medical intervention. Exercise, according to Sergio Cortes, is a necessary element in human life and should be taken seriously. Lack of exercise has been linked to various diseases that are dangerous and it is shocking to understand that many people are now suffering this menace.

When you find it necessary to start on workouts, it is necessary to have some time with your doctor so as to get facts about what can work for you and what you should avoid. Do not just embark on any work outs as some could lead to further health complications.

Sergio Cortes is a leading professional in the medical fraternity and his advice and guidance has been relevant to offering solutions on many issues that have been affecting human beings. He is also well educated and his interest for research and learning has offered him an opportunity to appreciate nature even more.

It is also vital to appreciate the fact that Sergio Cortes has been a great mentor to many young professionals who have sought to venture in the field medicine. He is also one of the few individuals who have been able to develop schedules that have helped people to stay fit. Apart from his work as a doctor, an article on Wikipedia offers insight on his appointment as Rio De Janeiro’s executive secretary before he ventured into medicine.

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North American Spine: Truly Non Invasive and Innovative

Still living with back pain because you are afraid of going to the doctor? Do you think they only thing they can offer you is surgery with a lengthy recovery? At North American Spine in Dallas, Texas they have many options to get you pain free and back on your feet again.

North American Spine offers thirty different medical procedures and has orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, and interventional pain management specialists to ensure you have a doctor specially trained to handle your condition and treatment. Besides the traditional cat scan and MRI, they offer seven other procedures to help doctors diagnose the problem. Once you have been diagnosed, you and the correct doctor for your specific condition will make a treatment plan. Some of the most common treatment procedures are neurostimulation, accuscope, and securaspine procedures.

Neurostimulation procedures are generally recommended for those whom all other treatments have failed. If you have tried rest, exercise, pain medication, physical therapy, nerve block, and minimally invasive surgery or tens treatment neurostimulation can give you the relief that you need. Neurostimulation works because this type of pain is neuropathic. Many patients with this type of pain experience numbness, burning, or tingling. Neurostimulation treatment usually involves putting a permanent implant in your spine to provide pain relieving stimulation.

They also use accuscope procedures to diagnose and treat chronic neck and back pain. Accuscope procedures use a natural opening at the base of the spine. These procedures are an improvement over older minimally invasive procedures because they are less invasive, they can treat multiple levels of the lumbar spine with one incision, and their is less of a chance of recurrence. The Securaspine procedure is for patients that need reinforced support for their spine. This is useful in patients with any type of disc damage and narrowing of the spine.

If you don’t live near Dallas you can still seek treatment and read the reviews of North American Spine. Many patients travel to have their procedure done. Most of the time they only have to make one trip and spend three to five days in the area. Wherever you live, North American Spine can give you the pain relief you need. They also offer a free MRI consultation, so you have literally nothing to loose and everything to gain by giving them a try.