Mikal Watts of Watts Guerra takes on Syngenta Over GMOs Losses

American corn farmers are suing Syngenta AG of Switzerland. Syngenta is a maker of GMOs, genetically modified organisms and in this case seed corn. The corn is called MIR 162 or Agrisure Viptera, and is an insect resistant variety. The MIR 162 strain was grown by American farmers to export to China, but China refuses the corn. The MIR 162 was approved by the USDA in 2010, and American farmers bought the corn under the impression that Syngenta had approval from China to accept the new strain. Unfortunately China had not yet fully approved the MIR 162. This is the third incident of its kind with Syngenta.

In a class action lawsuit filed in August 2015, American farmers are suing Syngenta to prevent them from selling unapproved products to farmers. The sale was a disaster for the farmers who suffered over billions of dollars of loss. A San Antonio lawyer named Mikal Watts has taken up fight for the farmers. Mr. Watts is a partner in the law firm of Watts Guerra, and he filed the first two papers that resulted in a $750 million dollar payment from Bayer Crop Sciences. Mr. Watts explained that in the Syngenta case they must be held responsible for the catastrophic cost to the growers who trusted their product. The farmers number in the thousands, and farm across 20 states of the Union. China’s refusal to accept the corn caused corn prices to drop world wide. Eleven percent of all corn grown in the United States is exported each year, and the US grows 60% of the world’s corn crop. In another case, criminal charges were brought against Syngenta due to its GM Bt corn killing livestock.

The law firm of Watts Guerra has extensive agricultural litigation experience, and Mr. Watts is the leader in the field of agricultural mass torts. He is a graduate of the University of Texas, and he is experienced in catastrophic personal injury, toxic, automotive, agricultural, and negligence torts to name but a few of his accomplishments. He is licensed to practice in seven states, and is an outspoken advocate against product liability.