Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s Operation Smile Charity Drive

Avi Weisfogel recently started a GoFund Me campaign for the charity for Operation Smile on this all-important life-changing mission. Operation Smile is a charity that helps children born with facial deformities. The charity provides free surgical methods to children born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other deformities relating to the face. Avi Weisfogal through his organization, GoFund Me has also donated surgical equipment to various children’s hospitals around the world to facilitate free surgery to patients who can not afford to pay. You can find more information on his Operation Smile campaign.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the co-founder of Dental Sleep Masters Seminar along with his partner, Dr. Glassman. They help patients and other dentists deal with sleep issues through the use of oral appliances. Since 2010, he has been perfecting the art of dental appliances for Sleep Apnea and has built on an integrated understanding of the disorder and how relief can be obtained by using oral appliance treatment.

He studied at Rutgers and earned his professional DDS credentials from New York University. He established a successful dental practice in New Jersey, and having won a number of awards for excellence in dentistry at his previous dental practice at Old Bridge, New Jersey decided to widen his field and he now specializes in sleep treatment and sleeping disorders.

Avi Weisfogel and his team shared their Dental Sleep Masters’ innovative approach with dentists and other physicians across the country in their seminars to incorporate this into their practice to help and treat their patients recover from sleep apnea. This education has helped doctors considerably to not only treat their patients; it has also increased their practices’ revenue and customer ratings.

Many people are not even aware they have sleep apnea until someone else points it out. Sleep apnea is certainly not normal and can be harmful or fatal if not properly treated. The risk factors increase significantly with excess weight and age. It could be the fat deposits positioning may be pressing on the airway, but the disorder may not be confined to overweight individuals. Check out Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s informational YouTube video.

Keith Mann: BusinessWire Article

Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a recruiting company that is based out of New York City. It was founded in 2001 and has successfully fulfilled more than 2,000 sanctions. Keith Mann was raised in Rochdale, Greater Manchester by his father, a caretaker, and his mother as having done everything.

Keith Mann began his career in 2005 when he operated in a managerial position for Dynamics Associates. He became Senior Vice President of Dynamic Associates expeditiously in 2001 before launching his own interest called, the Dynamic Search Partners. He is actively involved in philanthropic activities such as the charitable event, the Mixer, in which was established through his first interest, Dynamics Search Partners. He has made a donation to the Hope and Heroes Foundation, a non-profit cancer research organization that provide funds for children in need. He also offers assistance working with grade schools allowing the support to colleges, aiming towards helping prepare students to set up their ambitions and to reach their goals for success, as well as donating funds to assist with innovating educational achievements.

The Animal Liberation Front is also synonymous with Mann and his involvements. Keith Mann made a personal effort to invest and to sustain the ALF movement. In 2007, Mann was involved in the Gateway to Hell campaign targeting airports and freight firms bringing in animals to be an experiment factor. Five air transport executive homes were attacked only days before the Gateway campaign was established. He stated that once the airports were stopped- which ALF would do sooner rather than later, it would be very hard for them to import animals. In January 2008, the Animal Protection Party announced that Mann would be elected as a prime candidate. Mann went up against Liberal Democrat MP Evan Harris. It was involving the protests due to the founding of Oxford University’s Biomedical Science Building. Mann won in the general election.

Man Sends His Former Teacher $10,000 as a Thank You

It’s been almost 40 years since Kevin Perz graduated from Parkway Central High school in Missouri, but he never gave up on finding his former teacher Marilyn Mecham. He was finally able to call her on the phone and talk to her in January and let her know just how much he enjoyed being a student in her co-ed food class during her first years of teaching.

A few days later, she got a letter with a hand written note and a check for $10,000 inside. She couldn’t believe it. She called Perz about the check a few days later and told him she had spent the whole weekend crying.

Sam Tabar has learned that this is not the first time Perz has sent a former teacher of his money. He started tracking down his favorite teachers in 1992 and has given each of them gifts to show his appreciation and because he felt blessed and that his teachers were largely responsible for how his life had turned out.

Perz’s gesture and Mecham’s reaction to it has inspired a wave of gratitude that has resulted in many other people contacting their mentors and former teachers to thank them for their impact on their life.