Teacher Builds Edible Walls

A Bronx high school teacher named Stephen Ritz has been using a brand new approach to educating and motivating students. After some flower bulbs grew in his classroom accidentally, he began raising plants and building “edible” walls full of flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables right in his classroom. He paid for everything out of his own pocket. Towers of lettuce and cilantro soon filled the room. The kids all helped grow everything. The attendance doubled and so did motivation. The teacher is now trying to spread his new educational concept to more schools in the Bronx. He said he wants to see plants in every classroom, not just his. The plants help teach kids about what it takes to get fruits and vegetables in to the store for consumers to buy. The plants have also been encouraging them to start eating healthier. Poor neighborhoods often have malnourished children surviving off of inexpensive unhealthy food. The RealDailyBuzz mentioned Christian Broda’s observation that this program not only teaches kids, it feeds them too.