Purina’s Beneful and Its Health Benefits

What brand food does Sally the dog like? Purina’s very own special recipe named Beneful. She likes Beneful because it helps to keep her happy, healthy, and part of the family. There are a few reasons why Beneful is beneficial to Sally.

First, Beneful is checked by Purina’s quality assurance team in order to make sure the ingredients are correct and in the right portion. This makes the product live up to the company’s high standards of quality. Not only does the quality assurance team ensure that these products top notch, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USDA, and the AAFCO inspect the products as well. Purina’s main philosophy is that “pets and people are better together.” This shows their dedication to ensuring that Sally and her owner are happy that she will live a long and healthy life.

There is one product that helps to keep Sally at a healthy weight. Rated at 4.6 out of 5 according to PetCo, a company that provides animal based products including Beneful, the product is called Beneful Healthy Weight. The product uses a “calorie-smart formula” in order to help Sally maintain her weight. For a healthy food, Sally loves it for that moist texture and taste. Ingredients included in this food source is, and not limited to, vitamin B-12, vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D-3. The whole bag is totaled at 3,143 kcal.

Purina knows how much Sally loves to eat, so they do their research. This research covers everything from obesity to the effects of new trends. They make it a point to push farther than anyone else in the industry. Moreover, they are partnered up with at least 28 research universities throughout the United States.

Some research also shows that dogs love a variety of tastes, so Purina has made a number of proteins for her and other dogs such as beef, chicken, lamb, and pork. A lot of the same vegetables that are healthy to humans are used as well: carrots, barley, green beans, and rice. These are not the only limited varieties since there are over 20 different varieties.

Showing all the health benefits of Beneful and the research that Purina puts in in order to ensure dogs get the benefits they deserve. With over 20 different varieties, different accents of taste, quality, and research, Purina has made it a point to state that they are number one in the market and Sally agrees.

I Convinced My Friend To Switch To Beneful Brand Foods

I told my best friend that she should feed her dog Beneful because my dogs love it, and I wouldn’t use any other food. My friend is really hard headed when it comes to changing her ways, and she has been buying store brand food for years. Maybe the store brand food works for her old dogs, but she recently got a new dog that absolutely refused to eat the food. It looks as if only when the dog was really hungry would she finally wander over to the bowl, and she’d eat very little of the food.

I suggested to her that she should purchase Beneful brand food because my dogs swear by it. She said that the dog was just stubborn, and she had no problem with store bought food. It’s only after the dog began to shrink in size and lose weight that she finally decided to take my advice. She went and bought Beneful, and she told me that the dog ate everything out of her bowl. I wanted to say “I told you so,” but I just listened to her as if I was surprised that her pet loved Beneful. I told her that I had to go through some trial and error as well in order to figure out that my pets liked Beneful.

I also let her know that she should stick to Beneful for all of her pets, especially if she wanted them all to be happy and healthy. She decided that she would stop buying the store brand of pet food, and she actually switched over to Beneful. I’m very proud to tell other pet owners about Beneful brand foods because Beneful has done so much for my pets. When I had a puppy, I wasn’t sure what to feed the dog, but I tried the puppy brand of Beneful food, and he’s grown big and healthy.

Since I’ve seen with Beneful can do for my dogs first hand, I have no problem suggesting it to other pet owners. When it comes to nutrition, Beneful has it hands down. Beneful brand foods are made to be nutritious, and they are formulated just right so that dogs will love the taste. As far as buying any other dog food, that will never happen because I am a fan of Beneful food for life. I think my friend will stick with Beneful from now on too.