Making History At The US Money Reserve

When you’re working with investment capital it is sensible to do your research. In regards to your own wealth preservation and coping with long term security, the work you put in on the front end, will benefit on the backside which has been shown throughout history.

The US Money Reserve considers Gold ought to be a significant part every portfolio. The have got hundreds of tens of thousands of consumers and take that quite seriously. If you’re prepared to find out more about why gold should be part of your portfolio, pick up the telephone and call 1-866-PERFECT GOLD to speak with a senior gold specialist.

US Money Reserve will be able to provide you with different investment options as you start the procedure for studying which kind of gold suits you. In the event you purchase coins, what about a mixture of the two if you purchase bullion. Everybody differs and so will your aims and targets.

As truly one of the nation’s biggest dealers of U.S. Government Issued Coins, the US Money Reserve strives to supply customers with the greatest level of service, plus the most extraordinary Gold Coins available on the marketplace. Through time, a lot of our clients have put their trust in our capability to help pick coins that afford the highest degree of worth, and due to their many shrewd purchases, thousands of these customers are in gain positions now.

The crew of professionals has a collective goal of being the most trusted advisers in the company. They have helped thousands and a huge number of individuals make choices through time about silver, gold and platinum, and done this by first bringing in our clients trust, subsequently their company. The precious metal consultants have obtained personal relationships with their clientele, and through this year are expecting to celebrate customers in 100,000 earnings positions.

For those who have questions regarding silver, gold or platinum request to talk to a senior gold specialist and simply pick up the telephone and call 1 866 MINT GOLD. The will take the time to listen to you personally about your aims and targets and assist you in making the proper selections for your unique scenario.

Whether you want to know more about transferring a substantial part of investments towards U.S. Platinum or Silver, Government Issued Gold, or just want to develop a portfolio of high quality coins, qualified Gold experts at the U.S. Money Reserve will help you with all the time you need to explore precious metals ownership approach that’s right for you.

QI Group Has Joined UNGC Network

According to a recent press release on Yahoo Finance, QI has been recognized as one of the members and latest signatory of UN Global Compact Network. This is one of the largest corporate initiatives all over the world. The company pledged to fulfill responsible and sustainable practices under this UN initiative at the Global CSR Summit that was held in Singapore. The UNGC is a program for business entities that show commitment in their strategies and activities and aligning them with globally accepted principles touching labor, human rights, anti-corruption as well as environment.


The certificate for this initiative was issued by Ms Ursula Wynhoven, an executive officer at UNGC, and accepted by Mr. Joseph Bismark, QI Group MD. He noted that it’s a great privilege and honor to be recognized as an active member of UNGC. The program is in alignment with QI’s strategies and commitments of improving its operation in the core areas of this initiative. QI would benefit from this engagement since there is an opportunity to gain global recognition on development agendas as well as leadership practices and policies.


The practices are aimed at improving accountability and transparency which are highly valued for excellent corporate governance. The agreement offers an excellent platform binding QI to other stakeholders at the global level, specifically those with similar goals. This membership is a lucrative opportunity for sharing emerging practices that would ensure sustainable solutions are achieved. The members are able to partner further with civil society, UN agencies and governments. Additionally, business enterprises and their subsidiaries are linked with Local Networks of Global Compact across the world.


Joseph Bismark is the individual behind the success of QI Group of companies. He has proven that business and spirituality can function together. Due to his innovative ways of leadership, he has take QI to new heights of success. The entrepreneur has captivated millions with his unique approach to businesses highly rewarding ideas. In December 2008, he was appointed the MD at QI Group where he was instrumental in creating Qnet, a major subsidiary of QI. In addition, he is a member and co-founder of RHYTHM Foundation which is a CSR arm of the company.
Bismark is a person who prefers team working among the entire community of QI. He is quite familiar with integrity of running a successful business and encourages people to grow as the company is expanding. His qualities have made him the most favored executive at QI.

Investing In Brazil Can Help You Meet Your Goals

When it comes to investing in Brazil, there are many things that most investment brokers and even investors themselves don’t seem to know. One of these things is that Brazil could be the best place to invest your money in the next few years.

You can currently buy investments and assets on the cheap in Brazil because of several economical factors. First their stock market is down by about 25 percent from the highs that we saw in 2011. The currency of Brazil is also at a low level when you compare it to the dollar system of the United States. This means that you get more for your money in the long run.

If you know anything about Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen, you might already know that Igor watches investments with care. Igor knows that investing is a long term game. If you make a commitment you can see a huge return on investment over the long haul. When you start to change the way you look at the stock market you see that is it very easy to trade that quick made buck in for a longer term goal that makes much more money. That’s what Igor Cornelsen would suggest. If you don’t know why you should listen to Igor, it’s because he knows what to do when it comes to successful investing.

Because Brazil has a well diversified economy, investing in the right thing at the right time is a great way to have success with investments. Picking winners in the key to success in investing and Igor Cornelsen knows how to invest and loves to share tips with link minded investors. By following a few tips and getting in at the right time, you can make a small fortune and see some great return on investment.