Madison Street Capital: Good Numbers And Better Leadership

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that specializes in the middle market. It was founded in 2005 and provides services such as corporate advisory, financial reporting valuation, business valuation and middle market company financial advising. One of the strongest divisions in the firm is its mergers and acquisitions department. They have had excellent and growing numbers in the past few years, which stands out against the poor performance of other hedge funds. The firm has offices in Africa, North America and Asia and has become a global leader in valuation services and advisory services for international and domestic clients on corporate governance and independence.

The firm is run by people like Barry Petersen who is a Senior Managing Director at the firm. He has experience in a variety of areas including corporate finance, in court restructuring transactions, out of court restructuring transactions, institutional equity and debt placements and merger and acquisition advising. Reginald McGaugh is also leading the firm as a Managing Director. McGaugh has extensive experience working in the transportation, telecommunications and energy sectors. To start of his career, he received a finance degree from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Business at Florida A&M University.

Madison Street Capital recently made the news for an announcement they made. The firm released some of the numbers from 2015. They closed 42 hedge fund deals around the world over the course of 2015. This is a big improvement from 2014, which saw 32 global hedge fund deals. The firm made it clear that momentum is only growing and that 2016 will see even more deals and bigger profits. covered this announcement. They also did a summary of of the rest of the report. The article included that the firm is creating all types of deals with a variety of deal mechanisms that both the buyer and the seller happy. They are seeing PE bolt-ons, Pe stakes, revenue-share stakes, and incubator or seed deals. The article quoted Karl D’Cunha, who is the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. D’Cunha stated that the public is going to only see more consolidation in the hedge fund industry and there will be many opportunistic partnerships that will create a bridge between product offerings and distribution.

Another online source, HedgeWeek also covered the announcement. According to HedgeWeek, the report showed how the hedge fund industry is actually in a really good place. The reason that many hedge funds are having a tough time is due to their fund strategies. The announcement also mentioned that small hedge funds are having trouble attracting new clients and capital, which forces them below capacity.

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Some Reasons Why Madison Street Capital Is Excited about 2016

Madison Street Capital has recently released a report that shows why the deal environment for merger and acquisition hedge funds was strong in the year 2015 and why it is going to be even better in 2016. Their report notes key factors that are pushing 2016 to be a record-breaking year in M&A transactions.

Madison Street Capital has an outstanding reputation in the investment banking industry. They offer their clients a wide variety of financial advisory services. Some of the services they offer include restructuring services, middle market investment banking, sell side and buy side services for private equity, valuation and merger and acquisition services for hedge funds, and valuation for financial reporting. Their goal is to provide transparent financial opinion services for large and small companies in the United States and around the world. Their headquarters are located in Chicago. However, they have offices located in other major US cities, as well as in Asia and Africa. They are a team of experienced experts in finance. They work together to create strong businesses, which in turn create strong communities.

They recently released their fourth edition of an overview that outlines M&A activity. It also includes new merger and acquisition opportunities. Their report shows that transaction volume for M&A activity is growing. In the year 2014, there were 32 transactions that closed. In the year 2015, there were 42 hedge fund deals that were announced or closed around the world. One significant thing about the transactions that took place in 2015 is the fact that many of them happened in the fourth quarter. This is going to position the year 2016 to be record-breaking.

Other significant factors are coming together to make 2016 an outstanding year. The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital mentioned that they are seeing many new deal mechanisms that are being used to help both buyers and sellers. Besides traditional merger and acquisitions, transactions are being structured in new ways. For example, they are being structured as revenue-share stakes, PE bolt ons, PE stakes, and as seed and incubator deals. Even though in years past the hedge fund industry was highly fragmented, they are continuing to see consolidation. Karl D’Cunha serves as the Senior Managing Director. He also noted that even though most hedge fund strategies in 2015 did not perform in an outstanding way, hedge fund industry assets were at an all-time high. This is really great news for hedge fund managers of all sizes.

Madison Street Capital is dedicated to the needs of their clients and supports organizations that help local and global communities. For example, they support organizations like the United Way. This organization works to provide food and shelter after communities in the United States have been devastated by disasters.

The Charitable US Money Reserve

This week Digital Journal has released an article about the US Money Reserve and how charitable the company is. The well known company recently started a crowd funding campaign on Crowdrise inviting people to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The food bank focuses on reliving hunger in the Texas area. This isn’t a new thing for the company. They are regularly involved in charitable activities such as this and encourage the citizens of Texas to donate. The money raised during this campaign will directly fund the CAFB. The US Money Reserve plans to donate more than 25 million pounds of food products to match last years numbers. The CAFB is now entering its 30th year of service in the Central Texas area. This makes them a major name in hunger relief not only in Texas, but the entire United States.

The Us Money Reserve was founded by gold market veterans. The plan was to provide expert guidance and world class customer service to those who want to buy and sell precious metals. They also help guide people when purchasing precious metals. They help customer choose the coin that has the biggest value, and that is what gained them trust and loyalty from Americans all across the country. The US Money Reserve is made up of over one hundred trained professionals ready to help customers invest correctly.
The staff includes senior gold specialist, and the industries leading Numismatic expert, coin research professionals, and an inventory department.
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US Money Reserve Is A Wildly Successful Precious Metals Vendor

Precious metals are unique in the ideas that they are usable both as a currency and for many practical uses. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the four types of precious metals that US Money Reserve, one of the largest providers of precious metals in the United States, sells as a part of their mix of precious metals. There are a number of features and characteristics specific to US Money Reserve that have attracted many of their customers and kept them in throughout the years and prevented these customers from shopping anywhere else.

There is a 100% money back guarantee as long as the customer makes sure to return the item in its original form without any type of damage and they will be able to receive a refund. There is a small restocking fee, but this is more than reasonable because trying to arrange the refunding of precious metals actually costs a good bit of money from all of the parties involved in the transaction.

US Money Reserve is a company that cares a lot about their corporate social responsibility, as they have given lots of money to charitable organizations that are nonprofit that use these donations to the best of their ability. Two of these seventy something organizations that US Money Reserve as donated to include the Salvation Army and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Precious metals can be paid for with credit cards or directly from a financial institution, along with a few different other methods detailed on

There are more than one hundred people that are on the payroll of US Money Reserve, with each of these people adding on to the greater good of US Money Reserve and improving its performance with every hour worked. There are gold evaluators that are experts in determining the worth of a given sample of gold, and there are also businesspeople who are trained in the trade surrounding and involving various precious metals. The entire process requires lots of manpower and lots of knowledge on how to perform the activities necessary.

Those who would like to learn more about how to invest in gold should contact the representatives at US Money Reserve or read more about investing in gold on their website. There is tons of information available on everything that US Money Reserve stands for. Keep in mind that this company is one of the best when it comes to getting customers their top quality precious metals.

Making History At The US Money Reserve

When you’re working with investment capital it is sensible to do your research. In regards to your own wealth preservation and coping with long term security, the work you put in on the front end, will benefit on the backside which has been shown throughout history.

The US Money Reserve considers Gold ought to be a significant part every portfolio. The have got hundreds of tens of thousands of consumers and take that quite seriously. If you’re prepared to find out more about why gold should be part of your portfolio, pick up the telephone and call 1-866-PERFECT GOLD to speak with a senior gold specialist.

US Money Reserve will be able to provide you with different investment options as you start the procedure for studying which kind of gold suits you. In the event you purchase coins, what about a mixture of the two if you purchase bullion. Everybody differs and so will your aims and targets.

As truly one of the nation’s biggest dealers of U.S. Government Issued Coins, the US Money Reserve strives to supply customers with the greatest level of service, plus the most extraordinary Gold Coins available on the marketplace. Through time, a lot of our clients have put their trust in our capability to help pick coins that afford the highest degree of worth, and due to their many shrewd purchases, thousands of these customers are in gain positions now.

The crew of professionals has a collective goal of being the most trusted advisers in the company. They have helped thousands and a huge number of individuals make choices through time about silver, gold and platinum, and done this by first bringing in our clients trust, subsequently their company. The precious metal consultants have obtained personal relationships with their clientele, and through this year are expecting to celebrate customers in 100,000 earnings positions.

For those who have questions regarding silver, gold or platinum request to talk to a senior gold specialist and simply pick up the telephone and call 1 866 MINT GOLD. The will take the time to listen to you personally about your aims and targets and assist you in making the proper selections for your unique scenario.

Whether you want to know more about transferring a substantial part of investments towards U.S. Platinum or Silver, Government Issued Gold, or just want to develop a portfolio of high quality coins, qualified Gold experts at the U.S. Money Reserve will help you with all the time you need to explore precious metals ownership approach that’s right for you.

James Dondero’s Leadership Role in the Highland Capital Management

A visionary investor who has excelled in alternative investment, Jim Dondero has headed Highland Capital Management to take a leading role in the market. It is a company that was formed in 1993 and serves mainly in providing investment solutions in hedge funds and structured products. It is a key player in distressed investment products.

Highland Capital has built a strong foundation in investing in leveraged loans and other products like high-yield bonds. In what started as a small company, it today has expanded its operations to take the position of a multi-million dollar business. Dondero is known for initiating investments in markets that are otherwise considered risky especially within the real estate, financial, healthcare, gas and oil sectors.

It takes a great deal of market research, analysis of trends, forecasting skills, and strategic planning to investment in such markets. The team of experts leading Highland Capital can study the market, analyze the trends and see opportunities even in areas where others cannot.

The company invests in distressed products for instance in entities that may be struggling to get back to profitability path or businesses that have exhausted their financial base and want to restructure their strategic goals to enhance their performance and profitability. Highland Capital has in stake an asset investment base of $21 billion. This is investment amount that takes care of for its customers.

In 1990, Dondero and Mark Okada entered into a venture partnership and formed a small company, which operated in the market of fixed income. The company invested in the areas of senior loan products because it saw that there were fewer risks. These loans were secured products.

The business started seeing growth and the partners decided that they needed to identify a strategic partner whom they could work together. Dondero and Okada made the decision to approach Protective Life Insurance Corporation for negotiation. Protective Life Insurance agreed to partner with Dondero of NexBank and his colleague.

The partnership went on smoothly and was seeing increased opportunities for growth. It was not long before Okada and Dondero agreed that they needed to form a merger with this company. They merged with Protective Life Insurance to form Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO).

In PAMCO,Dondero and Okada were allocated 40 percent and the Protective Life Insurance took the rest. The merger continued to growth and later, Okada and Dondero thought it would be wise if they owned the entire shares. They discussed with Protective Life Insurance and offered the company a deal to purchase its ownership shares in Protective Asset Management Company (PAMCO).

Eventually, Dondero and Okada did purchase those shares and they now fully own the business. This saw the birth of Highland Capital Management. This company has transformed into a leading global alternative investment entity with offices in America and Asian markets. Dondero is a key personality in the leadership of Highland Capital and depends upon in offering strategic decisions and ideas on how to enhance the growth of the company.