Crystal Hunt in the Film Industry

Magic Mike XXL is an American comedy/drama film that was directed by Gregory Jacobs. This movie is one of the most popular sequels in the history of film making with famous actors such as Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, and Joe Manganiello. The film was a hit over the summer and grossed over 122 million dollars.

The filming of this hit movie was located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The different locations that were used to film this movie were one of the many reasons why this film received such positive reviews. It was even reported that the film, on opening night, made 2.4 million dollars. This amount was .3 higher than the previous Magic Mike. It was also reported that the next day, the film grossed 9.3 million dollars which finished in the box office as number four. Magic Mike was just behind other hit movies such as Inside Out, Jurassic World, and Terminator Genisys.

The overall plot of this movie takes place three years after the first movie. The story is centered around Mike Lane who is a retired stripper. Though the main character is retired, he misses the excitement and the fans that coincide with this adventurous career. The story continues when his friends from his stripping career visit him in Myrtle Beach South Carolina as they are on their way to a stripping convention. The entire plot is based around the reuniting of friends and the continuation of an adventure that began in the first movie.

One notable character in Magic Mike is that of Lauren who is played by Crystal Hunt, whose full history can be found on IMDb. Crystal Hunt is an American actress that is best known for her performance on Guiding Light. Ms. Hunt, though young, has been in the movie and TV show industry for a while. Her career started at the early age of two when she was a participant in several pageants. The talent that she continued to demonstrate during the pageant was acting.  Her acting reels on Vimeo really show how she’s developed since then too.

Crystal Hunt has extensive experience in the acting industry as she has appeared in many commercials, TV shows, and movies such as Magic Mike XXL. Outside of the film and TV industry, Ms. Hunt is a successful business owner. In 2014, CrunchBase shows that Ms. Hunt owned My Pets Dream Boutique which is a high-end pet boutique in her hometown of Clearwater, Florida. Out of all the places to travel to, Clearwater is by far her favorite, and she has plenty of photos of her exploring the sites on her Instagram.