Help Animals Eat Like Humans

Beneful is made by Purina. They make many different types of dog food, for all kinds of dogs. There is food for puppies, a formula for healthy weight, and even the original, and that is just the dry dog food.

For wet food, there are many more. Beneful on facebook comes in flavors and can come chopped, sort of like a chopped salad. Treats are also available. These products are made with your pet in mind.

Many other companies make premium dog foods as well. Some companies have people try their dog foods to see if its good enough to feed to their fur kids. These Premium dog foods from Beneful come in many forms, and are made by many companies. Many are made with beef, chicken and salmon, to make animals eat like their owners, and new is good.

Examples include senior dog blends, fresh blends, and refrigerated blends from Beneful. Blue Buffalo Co has a high profile on the television, but not as much in the stores, as they tend to sell to the pet stores, and not always to the big box stores.

One company sells refrigerated food for pets as well. It comes in a long tube-type package (think cookie dough). As you take it out of the package, you can slice the food, and then feed it to your dog. It is sold in its own display cases. This one (made by FreshPet) is in many of the bigger retailers.

Still, other pet food makes have different types of foods, made for pets, and made to look, and feel like human foods.

Exploring the Different Types Of Beneful Food Brands

As someone that works with pets extensively it is easy to see how pet owners can become acquainted with the various Beneful food brands. This has become a staple in my house – or doghouse – because my pets love it. The good thing about this company is that it provides a lot of good brands for dogs to eat.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

In the world of dog food I have discovered that there are quite a few foods that my dogs will appreciate. From the Beneful brand the Healthy Puppy food is great for small dogs. I have become a real fan of this type of food because it seems to aid in the rapid growth of dogs. It has become very interesting to see this company provide food with healthy ingredients for dogs.

Beneful Healthy Smile

I have noticed that the Beneful Healthy Smile food is great for dogs owners that may be having a hard time with the teeth of their dogs. There are a lot of people that have been able to put the Healthy Smile products and see a great amount of change in the teeth for their dogs. This is usually a Beneful product that is recommended by doctors for the improvement of dog teeth. There are some great dog food treats from Beneful that have crunchy twist, and this promotes good health for teeth.

Beneful Incredibites

I have a couple of dogs that really like meat and the Beneful Incredibites is perfect for this. I am especially fond of this dog food because it has a lot of nutrients. It has protein and fiber. There is a Vitamin A supplement that comes with, but I think that the thing that has allowed this food to become a hit is the meat. There is real beef that is included in this product. That makes it perfect for people that may have dogs that simply enjoy the food choices with lots of real meat.

Beneful Medley

The medley is a nice blend of meats, carrots and peas in most instances. I have discovered that this food is a lot like a full course meal for adults. There is meat and vegetables, but everything is included all together. This is quite a treat for dogs that may not have experienced true adult dog food. It is also great for owners that want to provide nutritious foods.