The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

Whenever someone is having a “Life and Time” type of article written about them, that person truly has made a huge impact in some shape or form. This article is written about a guy who isn’t a household name, but he’s created some great solutions that has helped solve many of today’s problems. Eric Pulier is his name and innovation is his game. Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey on the EastCoast of the United States. From a young age he just seem to always find things to create or find a solution for most answers, but who knew what this was leading to years later. Even when he was studying at college, Pulier was always busy with school work and programs as well as taking extra classes at a separate university. By 1988 he finally gradated from Harvard University and soon he would be taking the world by storm.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles two years later Pulier got to work. He first founded a progressive thinking style of company named People Doing Things which helped solve many issues in the fields of healthcare and education. He further pushed himself into many more projects, but what caught his attention was chronically ill children. Being a philanthropist at heart set the ball in motion and Eric Pulier developed one of the first private social media platforms that catered to kids and their health. Starbright World became and also gave Pulier some notoriety. His interest in helping others and creating things turned him into the very definition of a “self made man.” Check out some of the things Pulier has done below:

  • Harvard University Graduate
  • Programmed A Computer In The Fourth Grade
  • Founded Starbroght World Social Media
  • Guest Speaker
  • Investor In Venture Capital Funds
  • Donoted To Numerous Charities

Eric Pulier is truly an American Dream and is the perfect model to strive for because the sky isn’t the limit, the limit’s the sky.

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