Oncotarget – Technological Research At Its Best

There is a great need to spread scientific information and news to the public via a fast and accurate platform and Oncotarget has proven that they could be this platform. Their goal is to help researchers spread their information in both a fast and well-organized manner by utilizing a system of well-organized peer-reviews. While there have been other sites in the past that have attempted to provide the service Oncotarget provides, none match its quality and speed that is needed in the field of Scientific and Technological research.

Oncotarget is a journal that provides free access to users around the world. Oncotarget provides weekly issues of papers online that can be read by anyone to educate themselves about scientific results. Papers can be printed, or they can be used online. The mission of Oncotarget is to make scientific results widely available to the public which enables Oncotarget to maximize its research capabilities. Under the leadership of scientists that are well known, Oncotarget has been able to help researchers contribute to solving cures for diseases. Having life without disease is the main goal that Oncotarget wants to accomplish. Due to the huge success of Oncotarget and its publishers, it has launched sections that go beyond oncology. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Of the people working at Oncotarget, the Co-Editor-in-Chief Mikhail Blagosklonny is someone that has worked to improve the world by applying his knowledge of topics like Biogerontology in order to create the best method of maximizing research. His pursuit of creating life without disease via an enhanced ability to share information among fellow colleagues is not only noble but is also a needed improvement for our current society.

Without a doubt, Oncotarget and their staff of bright individuals has and will continue to display the way that research is done. Oncotarget is published by Impact Journals.

Rutgers Cancer Institute Establishes The Omar Boraie Chair In Genomic Science

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. This was after the developer, Omar Boraie, and his family made a $1.5 million pledge as part of the 18 Chair Challenge of the Rutgers University. This is according to a piece published through NewsWise.
The purpose of establishing the chair was to help boost groundbreaking research at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey particularly in the area of precision medicine. Endowed chairs in higher education are considered as the gold standard as they express commitment of a university to a particular academic discipline.
Precision medicine and genomic science field are shaping the way in which medical professionals approach cancer treatment and diagnosis. The field is relatively new. Genomic science enables oncologists to analyze and treat tumors. President Obama noted the national importance of the genomic field during his State of the Union Address. The president announced the commencement of a national precision medicine initiative that aims at finding cure for different diseases with much emphasis on cancer.
Rutgers Cancer Institute was among the pioneers in the country and the only one within the state to make use of genomic sequencing approach for precision medicine on patient care. The approach has been valuable in terms of finding therapies for people with rare cancers and patients whose treatments have been ineffective. The advances made in precision medicine augment the ability to categorize cancer into classes having similar characteristics but with different genetics. Physicians at the Rutgers Cancer Institute have been making important developments with precision medicine for patients having non-responsive cancer.
Omar Boraie has played an integral role in developing New Brunswick to be a healthcare capital. By supporting an endowed chair in genomic science, Boraie creates a lasting impact on the treatment and research of cancer. Shridar Ganesan, MD,PhD a director of translational science at Rutgers Cancer Institute was named to the chair. He is internationally recognized as a medical oncologist and top academic researcher.
The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is the first and the only Comprehensive Cancer Center designated by the National Cancer Institute in the state. The institution is committed to enhancing detection, care, and treatment of cancer besides serving as a cancer prevention and education resource center. The Cancer Institute of New Jersey Network is made up of hospitals that are all over the state. The institute offers the highest level of cancer care and distributes important discoveries to society.

A Higher Degree Equals Living Longer

People who have received a high education might live longer than those who don’t. There could be some truth in this theory. If you have a college degree and beneful, then it’s often easier to get a job that pays more money. That’s not to say that those who don’t go to college can’t succeed financially, but the degree would make it a little easier. When you make more money, you likely aren’t as stressed about paying bills, which can lead to a decrease in the risk of a stroke or heart attack. You can also afford the healthier food items, such as fruits and vegetables, instead of the processed food that those with a lower income usually buy because it’s more affordable. It sounds like all you need to do to live to an old age is go to college and make sure you do something with the degree received instead of letting it sit on a shelf.


Athletes, Don’t Live With Back Pain, Visit North American Spine

An athlete that is having extreme pain, is similar to a singer having Laryngitis. It’s something that can cripple their career, and it may keep them from performing their art, which is playing a sport. It’s very hard for any athlete to end their career, especially if it’s because they are in a lot of pain. An athlete may be playing fine one day, and if they move the wrong way, run into someone, or if they land improperly, they may end up with excruciating back pain, or even bad neck pain. Pain such as these, account for 20% of injuries to those who play sports.

For athletes who are suffering from neck and back pain, there is a possibility to heal the pain permanently, depending on what type of pain they are having. Although some pains can be healed with ice, heat, and some extra time, other pains may never go away. Some injuries may be so substantial, that an athlete must seek surgery, in order to make the pain go away permanently. No doubt an athlete has seen a doctor, in order to determine why their pain has not gone away, after so much time. If the pain sticks around, it’s time to visit North American Spine.

North American Spine is a leader when it comes to back, neck and spine pain, and they have seen over 8000 patients get treatment for their pains. Some patients have had pain for years or decades, and they’ve been able to get permanent pain relief, or substantial pain relief. North American Spine specializes in a procedure, which only lasts about 45 minutes, and it’s had great results for most of their patients.

Many patients have had permanent pain relief, and they’ve been able to quit taking medications, as well as cut back on their doctor visits, which saves them a lot of money. Other patients may have had significant pain relief, allowing them to get back to a normal life, without living in constant pain. Any athlete that is suffering from back, neck or spine pain, is encouraged to visit North American Spine, in order to see if they can get rid of the pain for good.