Zika Scares Continue in Venezuela

The spread of the Zika virus has many people in Venezuela scared for a good reason. There have been over 5,000 suspected cases of it within the last several months, and 319 of them have been officially confirmed. Three people have died, and 255 others have had to receive treatment for Guillain-Barre syndrome, which is a sub-disease of Zika causing paralysis and often resulting in death in those who contract it if they don’t receive proper medical attention. Unfortunately expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa thinks, hospitals and clinics are strapped for medical supplies due to strict rationing and shortages that are taking place in the country.
Though some companies are in the process of working on a vaccine, there is still no cure for the deadly virus. Some say the spread of Zika has continued because of the large open vats that Venezuelan residents are using to store their water in because of the current water shortages. The vats have become breeding grounds for the mosquitoes responsible for spreading the Zika virus says Adrian Jose. Venezuelan officials are urging residents to cover their water supplies because of this.