Is Self-Publishing An eBook About To Become More Lucrative?

Thanks to the eBook revolution and Tripod, becoming a self-published author is a lot easier. The cost is dramatically reduced since you no longer have to physically publish a book. With Amazon changing its terms for eBooks, self-publishing may become more lucrative. The online retail giant has made the decision to pay authors based on pages read. That is an easy figure to track thanks to the devices used to read eBooks that are “borrowed” from the Amazon library. So, if you produce lengthy works, you might end up making a decent sum off of it.

Will authors pad their material? Doing so would be nothing new. Charles Dickens was paid by the word and the fee arrangements is one of the reasons A Tale of Two Cities and Oliver Twist are lengthy works. Of course, the quality of Dickens’ classics contributes to the endearing popularity of the novels. Anyone who thinks it would make good business sense to excessively pad a novel or non-fiction work is going to be mistaken. People won’t read poor quality works to the end.

For those who are capable of producing solid work, the new Amazon terms might prove to be very lucrative. Prolific authors who produce several eBooks could also benefit even if the works are short. If someone likes one eBook, he/she probably will check out other works by the same author.

So, what is the hold up? Try to start work on that novel today.