Basset Hound Maintains Weight On Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

My dog is very Tenacious, Gentle, and Sweet. He is a Basset Hound named Oscar who loves to cuddle up next to my 2-year-old at night and play with her in the backyard during the day. Oscar is for sure my 2-year-olds best friend due to the fact that he is so involved in everything she does. Oscar is only a little over 2 years old also. We adopted Oscar from a rescue when he was a puppy just a few days before I went into labor with my daughter. Many people would not suggest getting a puppy and having a baby around the same time but I feel as though it made things easier because they both got just the right amount of attention and Oscar never got jealous of her because we got him only a few days before she came home. Oscar has always been a very easy dog to find food for as he will eat anything and everything in sight. However, the fact that he will eat anything and everything in sight made it hard for me to find him the perfect food because I don’t want him to gain more weight than he should have. For this reason, I put Oscar on Purinastore‘s Beneful healthy weight dog food which is so healthy and nutritious well being filled with flavor that he has been able to maintain a normal healthy weight but still loves to eat his dog food when it comes time to each and every day. Due to the fact that Oscar has always wanted to eat everything in sight it was even harder to keep his teeth clean so when I came across Beneful dental twists I got really excited. Dental twists have always been able to keep Oscars teeth clean and his breath smelling good. Occasionally I also feed Oscar Beneful heartfuls treats or baked delights snackers [] but only on occasion because he likes the way they both taste so much that if he had it his way he would eat the whole bag of both in one sitting. I am glad I was able to find Beneful from Wal-Mart because now I can sleep at night knowing Oscar is healthy and happy.



Michael Jackson’s Best Impersonator

The famous king of pop Michael Jackson had many impersonators. Apart from loving his music, fans also loved his style. Sergio Cortes is the best example of Michael Jackson’s impersonator. He is of Spanish origin from a city called Barcelona. Despite the fact he resembles the king of pop, Sergio started imitating him at an early age. Cortes went to the extent of mimicking Jackson’s dressing code and dances. Sergio started by copying Michael dancing moves. Given that he looked like Michael, this was an advantage to him as he drew many people every time he performed. Cortes became a celebrity when journalist uploaded his videos on the social media. This was when many people knew him.

The action of the journalist really boosted his career. Sergio rapidly hit the market, many show organizers made invitations to him to do his imitations. Those who came along to see him dance and sing like Michael Jackson grew in number. This is when Cortes discovered that, he had a promising potential that would make his future bright. With time, Sergio became perfect in his mimics. Even at his current age he resembles, sounds and dances like the late king of pop.

Cortes has several merits that make him the best compared to other impersonators of Michal Jackson. He inherently looks like Michael Jackson. Therefore, when he tries any of Michael’s associated outfits, he brings out the real king of pop. Sergio was greatly confined by the pop star back when he was performing with the Jackson 5.

Sergio Cortes had spent most of his time following Michael. He even had special moments of practice each day. He imitated everything including his mannerism.

Indeed, his visions of a brighter day were real. Cortes has gained a lot out of this skill. He has over a hundred videos on YouTube showing him mimicking the king of pop. In addition, he is worldly known and his page has over 18000 likes. Sergio was blessed with the ability of mimic but the greatest of all is that he has the potential of bringing out nothing but perfection. The main reason being that when he dances and sings, he does it like the real Michael Jackson. Moreover, his natural physique has helped him gain more audiences as when he appears on stage one cannot differentiate him from the real Michael Jackson. Cortes is the real impersonator of Jackson, as many of the shows he performs always leave his audience astonished.

Beggin’ For More From Purina

Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle based in Missouri. They produce and market pet care products such as Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful and Purina ONE. Purina Petcare was formed in 2001 when Nestle combined the Ralston Purina company which they acquired with their own Friskies Petcare Company. It became the second largest pet food company in America as of 2012. In 2007, Purina recalled some of their products after it was discovered that there was a contamination in the pet food industry caused by ingredients that came from China.

In 2003, they formed a partnership with the Canine Health Foundation to help advance veterinary research. The following year, they donated 80 tons of pet food to pets that were affected by Hurricane Charley and donated $100,000 to local shelters. Purina Petcare grew to one-third of Nestle’s revenues in four years since its founding. In 2014, Purina launched three videos on Youtube to promote their Beggin’ dog snacks. One video called “I Get Beggin’ ” featured a Corgi named Boss. The video was received really well by the Youtube audience and warranted a large investment. The company stands for the idea of trust and maintains it with their consumers everyday. With expertise on nutrition, high-quality brands and dedication it’s no wonder pet owners trust them.

As of recently, Purina has partnered the College of Veterinary Medicine in Mississippi to conduct a special survey. The company is celebrating Take Your pet to Work Day by encouraging people to start a pets at work policy. They believe that pets and their owners are better when together and encourage their employees to bring their pets to work everyday. A study has shown that people who bring their pets to work tend to have less stress. Purina partnered with the Mississippi State University to get a better understanding of pets’ influence in the work place. Almost 85 percent of employees who take the survey found pets at work policies to be very beneficial.

For more information, you can always follow Purina news on the Nestle’s Purina NewsCenter.

Moth feeding mystery solved as brain slowing mechanism is discovered

The problem of moth’s feeding on moving flowers has been one many scientists have struggled to understand, particularly those who have looked to explain how moths can feed so easily in the low levels of light found at dusk. The Scientist reports researchers at Georgia Tech have now discovered Hawkmoths have the ability to slow down their brain processing speeds to allow them to focus on the movement of plants they are hoping to feed on. The discovery of this process, Qnet reports in the science journal, means scientists can now look to use these skills in robotic mechanisms designed to replicate the movement of moths and other feeding insects.

The process was discovered by scientists who used 3-D printing techniques to produce flowers that could be controlled and sway at various speeds to reproduce the movement of those in the wild. By tracking the movement of the flowers and rating the success of the feeding by the insects the rate at which the flowers were viewed could be seen. The researchers determined that at low lighting levels the Hawkmoths were slowing down their brains to allow them to see the plants in a more focused way to make their feeding options a greater success.