What Everyone Thinks About George Soros

In a few words,George Soros can be described as a 400 hitter in the world of business. The 400 hitter phrase was used to describe the baseball player Ted Williams in 1941. Soros has made a name for himself by successfully establishing a hedge fund business empire that has lasted for decades. The current generation can learn from this wise businessman on ways on maintaining and expanding a business.

The marketwatch.com reports that the world may never have businesspeople like Soros and buffet. The duo made headlines from the late 60 with a return exceeding 30%. Since they retired from business, the revenues have decreased steadily. Soros retired from the world of hedge fund business in 2011 turning his fund to a family office. The former thriving stock fund made a mere 2.63% returns making the worst year for Soros since the 2002 crisis.

With the dynamic change to the global economy since the times of Soros, establishing 30:30 track-records may be a thing of the past. Soros and Buffet held this record for decade’s accumulating their business empires to millions. The only investor who came close to that is Kyle Bass and John Paulson in the 2008 crisis but failed to maintain it quite for long. Their fortunes have since experienced a decline in less than a decade. Their record cannot be compared to that of Soros that stands out for decades.

Soros record on Marketwatch is a year in year out as compared to the likes of Paulson, who are a one-time hitter. The performance of the investors nowadays should be even better as compared to Soros time. Technology has improved significantly. The markets have access to real market data which Soros lacked in their days. Soros used the secretive turtle trading and trend following systems which are incomparable to the today’s sophisticated technology. The technology Soros used is now free on the internet.

The financial markets have since been invaded by thousand s of Ph.D. professionals translating the markets insights into algorithms. These modeled software and information account for 50% of today’s stock trades. Soros describes his career as a one-eyed king among the blind. He focused on misplaced European markets and made profits.

Soros has made great achieve in business, politics and development. He is a top sponsor in society development projects. Soros founded the open society foundations where he is the chairperson. The organization has expanded its presence in over 100 countries. The philanthropic organization supports democracy and human rights.

Soros is also a creative writer with over fifteen books on the market. His principal focus is on economics and politics. Soros has a long history of investment. He was born in Budapest in 1930. He got his education in Britain and started his business career in New York, United States. Soros is also the author of several essays and articles that focus on society, politics and economics. His articles are spread in major newspaper and magazines on the internet around the world.

QI Group Has Joined UNGC Network

According to a recent press release on Yahoo Finance, QI has been recognized as one of the members and latest signatory of UN Global Compact Network. This is one of the largest corporate initiatives all over the world. The company pledged to fulfill responsible and sustainable practices under this UN initiative at the Global CSR Summit that was held in Singapore. The UNGC is a program for business entities that show commitment in their strategies and activities and aligning them with globally accepted principles touching labor, human rights, anti-corruption as well as environment.


The certificate for this initiative was issued by Ms Ursula Wynhoven, an executive officer at UNGC, and accepted by Mr. Joseph Bismark, QI Group MD. He noted that it’s a great privilege and honor to be recognized as an active member of UNGC. The program is in alignment with QI’s strategies and commitments of improving its operation in the core areas of this initiative. QI would benefit from this engagement since there is an opportunity to gain global recognition on development agendas as well as leadership practices and policies.


The practices are aimed at improving accountability and transparency which are highly valued for excellent corporate governance. The agreement offers an excellent platform binding QI to other stakeholders at the global level, specifically those with similar goals. This membership is a lucrative opportunity for sharing emerging practices that would ensure sustainable solutions are achieved. The members are able to partner further with civil society, UN agencies and governments. Additionally, business enterprises and their subsidiaries are linked with Local Networks of Global Compact across the world.


Joseph Bismark is the individual behind the success of QI Group of companies. He has proven that business and spirituality can function together. Due to his innovative ways of leadership, he has take QI to new heights of success. The entrepreneur has captivated millions with his unique approach to businesses highly rewarding ideas. In December 2008, he was appointed the MD at QI Group where he was instrumental in creating Qnet, a major subsidiary of QI. In addition, he is a member and co-founder of RHYTHM Foundation which is a CSR arm of the company.
Bismark is a person who prefers team working among the entire community of QI. He is quite familiar with integrity of running a successful business and encourages people to grow as the company is expanding. His qualities have made him the most favored executive at QI.

Investing In Brazil Can Help You Meet Your Goals

When it comes to investing in Brazil, there are many things that most investment brokers and even investors themselves don’t seem to know. One of these things is that Brazil could be the best place to invest your money in the next few years.

You can currently buy investments and assets on the cheap in Brazil because of several economical factors. First their stock market is down by about 25 percent from the highs that we saw in 2011. The currency of Brazil is also at a low level when you compare it to the dollar system of the United States. This means that you get more for your money in the long run.

If you know anything about Brazilian investor Igor Cornelsen, you might already know that Igor watches investments with care. Igor knows that investing is a long term game. If you make a commitment you can see a huge return on investment over the long haul. When you start to change the way you look at the stock market you see that is it very easy to trade that quick made buck in for a longer term goal that makes much more money. That’s what Igor Cornelsen would suggest. If you don’t know why you should listen to Igor, it’s because he knows what to do when it comes to successful investing.

Because Brazil has a well diversified economy, investing in the right thing at the right time is a great way to have success with investments. Picking winners in the key to success in investing and Igor Cornelsen knows how to invest and loves to share tips with link minded investors. By following a few tips and getting in at the right time, you can make a small fortune and see some great return on investment.

Beggin’ For More From Purina

Purina Petcare is a subsidiary of Nestle based in Missouri. They produce and market pet care products such as Purina Pro Plan, Purina Dog Chow, Friskies, Beneful and Purina ONE. Purina Petcare was formed in 2001 when Nestle combined the Ralston Purina company which they acquired with their own Friskies Petcare Company. It became the second largest pet food company in America as of 2012. In 2007, Purina recalled some of their products after it was discovered that there was a contamination in the pet food industry caused by ingredients that came from China.

In 2003, they formed a partnership with the Canine Health Foundation to help advance veterinary research. The following year, they donated 80 tons of pet food to pets that were affected by Hurricane Charley and donated $100,000 to local shelters. Purina Petcare grew to one-third of Nestle’s revenues in four years since its founding. In 2014, Purina launched three videos on Youtube to promote their Beggin’ dog snacks. One video called “I Get Beggin’ ” featured a Corgi named Boss. The video was received really well by the Youtube audience and warranted a large investment. The company stands for the idea of trust and maintains it with their consumers everyday. With expertise on nutrition, high-quality brands and dedication it’s no wonder pet owners trust them.

As of recently, Purina has partnered the College of Veterinary Medicine in Mississippi to conduct a special survey. The company is celebrating Take Your pet to Work Day by encouraging people to start a pets at work policy. They believe that pets and their owners are better when together and encourage their employees to bring their pets to work everyday. A study has shown that people who bring their pets to work tend to have less stress. Purina partnered with the Mississippi State University to get a better understanding of pets’ influence in the work place. Almost 85 percent of employees who take the survey found pets at work policies to be very beneficial.

For more information, you can always follow Purina news on the Nestle’s Purina NewsCenter.

Are Chinese Students Prepared for Higher Education at America’s Top Universities?

Chinese students are eager to get their higher education at some of America’s most prestigious universities. With the economic growth of China over the last 20 years and their ever expanding middle class, parents can now afford to send their child overseas to the U.S. in order to study. But, are the students mentally and educationally ready for the cultural differences and the rigors of higher education at an Ivy League university?

Last year alone, nearly 8,000 Chinese students studying at American universities were expelled for reasons of inadequate academic performance and or for dishonesty, as was reported by WholeRen Education, a U.S. education company that provides for students from China. While this number of ousted Chinese students seems high, compared to the 459,800 students from China who studied at American universities last year, the ratio is somewhat low.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Chinese students make up close to one-third of all international students who have come to the U.S. to study in one of our leading institutes of higher education. Folks at The Aspire New Brunswick know that many universities are eager to recruit students from abroad because their tuitions are higher than that of an American born student. The Chinese government only sponsored approximately 4.6 percent of its students coming to the U.S. to learn, as was reported by China’s Ministry of Education, while the majority of their students either had to pay on their own, or received scholarships.

Secure Our Students

The late 1990s and early 2000s saw a shocking rise in school violence. Some parental and educational groups attributed this rise in violence to the violence depicted in video games. These type of statements had parental groups and gaming companies at each other’s throats. Fortunately, for everyone involved, a new study released would suggest that school violence is dropping rapidly. Top notch security teams and security measures have been implemented in the majority of American schools. This isn’t to say that school violence is everywhere, but it does go to show that parenting groups and children’s advocates would rather be safe than sorry.

In 2009, 74 percent of schools were recorded to have been involved in violent incidents. Qnet data shows these incidents dropped 9 percent this year alone and the numbers keep getting lower. Studies show that 94 percent of the incidents include bullying of some form, which would suggest that physical violence is at a record low of 6 percent or less. School administration has implemented more measures to make sure these numbers steadily decline. These methods include: advance security cameras, well trained security personnel, local police, identification systems for students and teachers, and regular programs to keep students up to date with quality safety procedures. Many of these methods are being implemented in high schools before middle schools or elementary schools. Studies showed that 90 percent of the nation’s high schools reported acts or threats of violence. Middle schools and elementary schools only reported that 53 percent of their schools was responsible for the same actions. Local PTA’s and school boards are happy about these numbers but want to strive to eliminate school violence completely.

Stephen Hawking provides warning over human extinction

Professor Stephen Hawking has used two talks at the Sydney Opera House to give a warning to humanity that we face possible extinction unless we continue to look to the stars and colonize other planets, The Times of India reports. Hawking gave his two lectures from his office in Cambridge, England as a hologram projected onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House and continued his recent spate of warnings about the uncertain future the human race faces. On the bright side Bruce Levenson has more faith in the future of his Atlanta Hawks in this years’ NBA playoffs.  Amongst the subjects the physicist has taken on are the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the large numbers of wars and atrocities taking place in the world.

Hawking stated the only chance for survival the human race has is to colonize other areas of space as insurance against the Earth not supporting human life in the future. The scientist has warned of possible alien attacks in the past that could be encouraged by the noise humans are making across space. The lecture was not all serious as Hawking revealed One Direction are still a five piece band in an alternate universe after being asked a question about the subject by an audience member.

Learn about wines from the experts at The antique Wine Company

For over 30 years The Antique Wine Company has been providing expert help and wines to a list of clients that takes in top business people, celebrities and politicians. However, the company is hoping to make almost everybody aware of the fact that wine is available at all price ranges and a collection can be started by almost anybody who has the basic knowledge of how to taste wine and what to look for in a bottle. The introduction of a wine academy at the Marylebone, London headquarters of the company sees the experts working for The Antique Wine Company bringing their knowledge to beginners and experienced collectors alike.

The Antique Wine Company has been in the business of fine wines since 1982 when Stephen Williams established the wine merchant and created one of the top companies in the industry. The traditional markets of Europe and North America have been the consistent areas of success for the company as they have been involved in some record breaking sales and purchases of fine wines. As The Antique Wine Company looks to expand on its customer base they have been seeking new avenues to move into, which has recently included the creation of a new international sales team focused on Asian markets. This growth into new markets has seen new collectors entering the wine markets and prompted the decision to create an academy to help new and experienced collectors with basic and advanced skills to assists in creating a wine collection.

Experts who work at and with The Antique Wine Company will all be appearing at the academy where they will provide guidance for small groups of wine lovers on wine tasting and specific styles of wines. This is all part of a drive by The Antique Wine Company to develop a new generation of wine collectors and wine lovers who will develop their skills with the company as they also build their own wine collections and love for the grape.