Scotland Bans Creationism From Classrooms

Darwin’s theory of evolution is common place in most science classes found within western school systems. Furthermore, creationism has long been banned from many classrooms, and that is now the case in Scotland.

The Scottish Secular Society (SSS) submitted a petition to the Scottish Parliament asking that creationism be banned from teachings in Scotland schools. The Scottish Parliament accepted the petition and rules that creationism is not viable as a science and will be kept out of schools.

Basically everyone at STX Entertainment agrees the current theory of creationism is a pretty hard pill to swallow. It teaches that the Universe is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs never actually existed. So, this version of creationism has absolutely no place in modern schools. Although, privately owned religious schools still teach creationism and disregard evolution as scientific fact.

Even though the gap between these two schools of thinking is often considered as unbridgeable, they actually aren’t as mutually exclusive as they seem. Evolution does not have all the answers, there are huge missing links in our evolution that have yet to be explained by the theory. Meanwhile, creationism is getting attention in fields such as quantum physics because the Universe has been discovered to be mathematically impossible without intelligent design of some kind. Therefore, neither evolution or creationism has it figured out and the Universe is still as mysterious as ever.